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This Policy accompanies the PERSONAL DATA PROTECTION POLICY of the EYDAP S.A. website. Specifically, through this Policy, EYDAP S.A. informs its website users about the purpose of using specific cookies, the data collected through those and the possibilities provided to the user for their adjustment.

Cookies are small text files stored on a computer, mobile phone or other electronic device of the user and do not receive any document or file from their electronic device, nor do they identify with any person.

At the EYDAP S.A. website cookies are used for the purpose its online services use as well as for statistical purposes in order to highlight the areas that are useful or popular. Sometimes cookies may be used to display personalised ads in the event of an active advertising campaign.

The user, upon entering the EYDAP S.A. website, indicates the acceptance or non-acceptance of the use of cookies during the navigation of the website through the corresponding window at the top of it. In this window, the user is provided with the following alternatives:

  • The "Accept" option: the user provides his consent for all the categories of cookies
  • The "Do not accept" option: the user has the ability to reject all the categories of cookies except for the absolutely necessary
  • The "More Settings" option: On the more settings page, in the Cookies Analysis category, the user can select "Yes" or "No" or "Only Anonymous Statistics" (for statistical traffic analysis through IP address anonymity). In the category of advertising cookies the user can select "Yes" or "No", whereas in the category of absolutely necessary cookies the only available option is "Yes".

Categories of cookies used at the website of EYDAP S.A.

1. Absolutely necessary cookies

The role of these cookies is to store information or gain access to already stored information on the user's device, with the sole purpose of transmitting information within the EYDAP S.A. website, to the extent that it is absolutely necessary for the provision of the online service, which the user has explicitly requested.

These cookies cannot be disabled. If the user chooses to navigate this website, they consent to the use of at least the absolutely necessary cookies, which are essential for the functionality of the website.

The cookies of this category at the EYDAP S.A. website are:

ASP.NET_SessionId : It allows the recognition of the user during their navigation so that their options and the data they enter are memorised and transferred from subpage to subpage. This is deleted by closing the browser.

CheckCookiesConsent : It is used for the saving of the user's choice regarding the cookies acceptance.  The value of the cookie can be one of the following: Yes, No, OnlyStatistics, OnlyAdvertisements, OnlyAnonymous, AdvertisementsAndAnonymousStats. It lasts for a month after its creation, when the user's consent will be requested again.

2. Analysis Cookies

These cookies collect anonymous information on how the users use this website, such as the most visited pages, the pages from which users came, the type of browser and more.
Analysis cookies collect aggregate anonymous statistical information which cannot lead to user identification.
The exclusive purpose of their collection is the analysis of traffic and the improvement of the performance of the EYDAP S.A. website.
The cookies of this category on the website of EYDAP S.A. are:

_ga and _ga_<container-id> (Google provider):  Used by Google Analytics to separate users, through the collection of information in anonymous format, such as browser information, visitor origin and pages they visited on the EYDAP S.A. website. Also used by Google Analytics to anonymously monitor the user behavior while navigating the website. Indicatively, it locates the landing and exit subpage of the website user, the length of stay in each subpage, etc. Extra information is stored related to advertising, functionality of the website (e.g. language settings), personalization and security such as fraud prevention and other user protection.
If the user has selected "Only Anonymous Statistics" in the Cookies Settings, no information is stored related to advertising, functionality of the website (e.g. language settings), personalization and security such as fraud prevention and other user protection.

Duration: 2 years following their creation

3. Advertising cookies
The advertising cookies on the EYDAP S.A. website are set by third companies, such as Facebook and Google, when an advertising campaign is active. They can be used by those companies to create a profile of the user's interests so that relevant to EYDAP S.A. advertisements de displayed on other websites. They do not store personal data directly, but they are based on the unique recognition of the browser and the user's device so that the ads that will be displayed to be targeted. The origin of these cookies can be from a sector other than the eydap.gr sector (third party cookies), e.g. doubleclick.net, facebook.com, google.com, google.gr.


Checking and deleting cookies
In any case, the user can check and / or delete the cookies already being on their device according to their preferences.
You can click here to configure or delete cookies on the website.
In addition, each browser provides the user with the ability to delete the stored cookies. More details on cookie settings for browsers are listed here: http://www.aboutcookies.org. If the user configures their browser in a way that does not allow the installation of cookies, some services of the website may not work.


User rights
The user has control over the processing of their personal data and retains their legal rights, as provided for in the current legal framework on personal data protection (in particular in the General Data Protection Regulation EU / 679/2016) and which are listed in the PERSONAL DATA PROTECTION POLICY.


Policy Update regarding the cookies
EYDAP S.A. unilaterally reserves the right to update, modify or revise the present Policy without prior notice to the user in order to improve its services, harmonise it with the provisions of the current legislation (national and EU) regarding the protection of personal data. To this end, we kindly ask the users to regularly check the present Policy in order to be informed of any changes made.


Useful Contact Information:

A) Data Processing Manager:
Address: 156 Oropou Str.
Telephone number: + 30 210 2144444
E-mail: grammateia@eydap.gr

B) Data Protection Officer (DPO):
Marianna Almpoura
Telephone number: + 30-210 7495155 & + 30-210 7495156
E-mail: dpo@eydap.gr

C) Hellenic Data Protection Authority:
Office address: 1-3 Kifisias Avenue, 115 23, Athens
Call Center: + 30–210 6475600
Fax: + 30–210 6475628
Email: contact@dpa.gr


Latest Update: November 2021

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