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EYDAP examines any request for new Water Supply Connection, conversion or transfer, only after submission of all the relevant papers (application form, declaration, necessary documents) at the pertinent Regional Customers Service Centre and pays the appropriate charge.

For special supplies, please click here.

The application for water supply connection and the supporting documents must be signed by the owner of the establishment or proxy. In any case, an identity check is always performed.

The charge that the applicant will advance for any request for new water supply connection, conversion or transfer is 63.12 €, while the amount for any request for special water supply connection is 168.53 €.

You can find the pertinent Regional Customers Service Centre here.



For requests relating to sewerage network connection, an application must be submitted on plain paper, with full details and the phone number of the applicant and a block diagram with marked location of the property and the streets that define the block.

For requests relating to rainwater network connection, an application form should be submitted to the appropriate Regional Maintenance Sector.

No application form is required for the following sewerage issues:

  • Sewer connection rights certificate issuance
  • Objections for charges
  • Sewerage problems
  • Complaints about inadequate sewage pits, storm water drains to sewerage network
  • Sewerage network information

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