Participating in European research projects and actions:

Horizon 2020


“SMART-Plant”, intended to develop and demonstrate innovative solutions for upgrading wastewater treatment facilities. In Greece, an innovative wastewater treatment pilot system will be developed at the sewage treatment plant of Psyttalia, that will achieve the required quality of treated wastewater, with simultaneous material (nitrogen, phosphorus, biodegradable organic material) and energy (biogas) recovery. Project duration: 2016 – 2020.


“INTCATCH”, intended to focus on better water management with innovative and efficient systems, technologies and techniques for water monitoring at the watershed level. Specifically, robotic boats will be developed, equipped with appropriate sensors for the measurement of selected parameters in real time. In Greece, the robotic boats will be demonstrated in Yliki Lake with the simultaneous development of an appropriate Decision Support System (DSS). Project duration: 2016 – 2020.


In the "PVadapt" project, combined innovations in modular construction and modular photovoltaics will lead to the creation of an adaptable and multifunctional BIPV system of substantially lower cost than conventional solutions. A flexible and low cost production of photovoltaics in automated processes will be employed to produce PV modules as well as elements with integrated heat pipe based heat recovery. These active energy components will be combined with passive and sustainable components with structural, mechanical, thermal and other functions to produce prefabricated BIPV modules.


"NextGen", will assess and promote innovative circular economy solutions and systems to improve existing water resource management practices by presenting technology, business and intergovernmental water solutions in ten large-scale pilot demonstration projects across Europe.

Seventh European Funding Program (FP7)


“DESSIN”, intended to demonstrate new technologies for the implementation of the Water Framework Directive (60/2000). The Athens pilot plant is one of the five pilot applications implemented in Germany, Norway, the Netherlands and Spain where innovative technologies for water reuse aimed mainly to irrigation of green urban areas are demonstrated. Project duration: 2014 – 2017.


“MARSOL”, intended to demonstrate the enrichment of aquifers with treated wastewater and halting of sea water inflow. In particular, four universities, four research institutes, six SMEs, three local authorities and four water-sewerage companies from various European countries are involved in MARSOL. Project duration: 2013 – 2016.