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EYDAP S.A. announces that following the election of thenine (9)new Members of the Board of Directors from the majority Shareholders "HELLENIC CORPORATION OF ASSETS AND PARTICIPATIONS S.A." and "HELLENIC REPUBLIC ASSET DEVELOPMENT FUND S.A." at the Ordinary Shareholders’ Meeting on June 26th 2019, for a five year tenure renewable up to one (01) year in accordance with Article 11 of the Articles of Association, the Board of Directors held its inaugural meeting, consisting of the following members:

1. Theodora Varvarigou, Chairman of the Board of Directors Non-Executive Member

2. Charalambos Sachinis, Chief Executive Officer Executive Member

3. Anastasios Tossios, Appointed Executive Director Executive Member

4. Ekaterini Beritsi, Independent Non-Executive Member

5. Alexandros Nasoufis, Independent Non-Executive Member

6. Aggelos Amditis, Non-Executive Member

7. Mihail Stavroulakis, Independent Non-Executive Member

8. Dimitris Konstantakopoulos, Non-Executive Member

9. Alexandros Pouliasis, Non-Executive Member

10. Christos Mistriotis, Non-Executive Member

11. Panagiotis Skoularikis, Non-Executive Member

12. Emmanouil Angelakis, Non-Executive Member

13. Georgios Alexandrakis, Non-Executive Member                                                                                    

Messrs. Christos Mistriotis and Panagiotis Skoularikis have been elected by the Special General Meeting of Minority Shareholders of EYDAP SA (11 June 2018) under a five year  tenure until 11 June 2023, while Messrs. Emmanouil Angelakis and Georgios Alexandrakis are representatives of the employees of EYDAPwith a tenure until the 6th of July 2022. Mr. Alexandros Pouliasis was elected following the proposal of the Minister of Finance to the Shareholder of the majority «HELLENICCORPORATION OF ASSETS AND PARTICIPATIONS S.A.»pursuant to section b, paragraph 4 of article 197 of Law 4389/2016.




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