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Resolutions of the Extraordinary Shareholders General Meeting

EYDAP informs the investing community that its Extraordinary Shareholders General Meeting was held today, Friday, the 15th of May 2020, at 11.00 a.m. and met validly at the Company's headquarters in Galatsi, Oropou str. 156, Environmental Program Hall, which was attended either by physical presence or remotely in real time using audiovisual electronic means, 160 Shareholders, representing a total of 82,259,296 shares, i.e 77.24% of the Company's paid up share capital and took the following decisions on the issues of the agenda included in the Invitation legally published on 24.04.2020:

On the first issue, the majority Shareholders- "HELLENIC CORPORATION OF ASSETS AND PARTICIPATIONS S.A." and "HELLENIC REPUBLIC ASSET DEVELOPMENT FUND S.A." elected Mr. Christos Karaplis, in accordance with article 11 par. 2c and 7 of the Articles of Association of the Company, as a Member of the Board of Directors of EYDAP SA on the proposal of the Minister of Finance to the majority Shareholder HELLENIC CORPORATION OF ASSETS AND PARTICIPATIONS S.A." in accordance with section b of par. 4 of article 197 of Law 4389/2016, in replacement of the revoked Member Mr. Alexandros Pouliasis, and for his remaining tenure ending on 28.06.2024, automatically extended until the election of new Members by the Ordinary Shareholders General Meeting of EYDAP SA which will be met in accordance with the Law until the tenth (10th) calendar day of the ninth (9th) month of the year 2024 and the relevant decision.
On the second issue, the General Meeting, after ascertaining that the conditions of article 44 of Law 4449/2017 are met, approved by majority the election of Mr. Christos Karaplis as a Member of the Company's Audit Committee with a tenure corresponding to his tenure as member of the Board of Directors of EYDAP SA

Following the above, the Company's Audit Committee has the following composition:

1. Aikaterini Beritsi, Chairman of the Audit Committee, Independent Board Member
2.  Michail Stavroulakis, Member of the Audit Committee, Independent Board Member
3.  Christos Karaplis, Member of the Audit Committee, Board Member


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