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Clarifications on the dividend

EYDAP S.A., following the information provided in the context of the Ordinary General Meeting of August 30th, 2022, informs the investment community, that the Company processes the possibility of  distribution and the amount of additional dividend from the past years’ profits, taking into account the geopolitical developments, the size of the investments that the Company anticipates for the next 10 years, the uncertainty that still exists regarding the implementation of the new regulatory framework under the regulatory authority which is under establishment, as well as other technical, economic and legal parameters, with responsibility and consistency for shareholders, consumers and employees.

The completion of the data analysis on which the decision will be based is timed between October and November 2022. In the event of a positive proposal to distribute the above additional dividend, an Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders will be convened to make the relevant decision.

EYDAP always remains consistent to the shareholders with its uninterrupted annual dividend distribution since the day of its listing on the Stock Exchange. The recent Ordinary General Meeting already approved the distribution of a profit dividend for the year 2021 in the amount of €29,820,000.00, i.e. a dividend of €0.28 per share. The average dividend yield of the last three years is 5.13%.

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