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Every shareholder and investor in EYDAP has the right to have access to the most valid and timely information and service. For this purpose, the Shareholders’ Services & Corporate Announcements Department operates in the Communication & Corporate Relations Management.

Specifically, if you are an analyst, stockbroker or institutional investor, you can contact Mr. Ilias Dedousis, Director of Financial Analysis & Investor Relations, at +30 210 21 44 032, fax +30 210 21 44 175 or investor.relations@eydap.gr.

If you are a private shareholder, you can contact Mr. Christos Anterriotis, Head of the Shareholders’ Services & Corporate Announcements Department, at +30 210 21 44 479, fax +30 210 21 44 437 or eydap-met@eydap.gr.

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