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Implementing and maintaining high standards of governance support our goals and constitute our guide to creating and maximizing shareholder value, while managing our operations efficiently, responsibly and with integrity, so that we can demonstrate responsibility and maintain confidence of all stakeholders. In addition to complying with best practices from regulatory and administrative bodies, the Board wishes to ensure that high standards of business ethics are reflected in our business behavior and culture. We are constantly striving to develop our practices and governance framework, to ensure that transparency and good governance permeate our Company at all levels.

EYDAP with the no. 20905 / 7.7.2021 Decision of its Board of Directors has been adopted and implemented in accordance with article 17 of law 4706/2020 and no. 2/905 / 3.3.2021 Decision of the Board of Directors of the Hellenic Capital Market Commission on the Greek Corporate Governance Code for companies with securities listed on the stock market, issued in June 2021 by the Hellenic Corporate Governance Council and posted on its website at: //www.esed.org.gr/code-listed. 

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