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EYDAP is committed to conduct its business activities with honesty and integrity and expects everyone, regardless of his/her relationship with the company, to maintain a high level of ethical behavior and to comply with laws, corporate policies and procedures. Developing a culture of transparency and openness within the Company is crucial for dealing with illegal incidents or any type of misconduct and wrongdoing , therefore EYDAP encourages employees and third parties to report in good faith, branded or anonymous, breaches of law, breaches of Company's policies and procedures, misconduct, omissions or criminal acts that have come to their notice.

The available reporting channels are:
  • Submission of the following form
  • E-mail: whistleblowing@eydap.gr
  • By Post to the following address:


    Attn: Compliance Officer

    OROPOU 156, 111 46 GALATSI

Please do not use these communication channels for issues related to the Company's products or services. These issues should be submitted exclusively to the customer service communication channels.

Furthermore, any submitted report will not be considered that falls necessary into the scope of the whistleblowing procedure but only the incidents which in the judgment of the complainant relate to the operation and the interest of the Company or of the public. For more details please read the Whistleblowing Policy.

The reports may be anonymous or not. We encourage you to give your name and contact details when making your report as anonymous reports make the task of detailed investigation extremely difficult or even impossible due to the difficulty of communication and interaction with the whistleblower. Your identity will be kept confidential at all stages of the process. The report should be as clear and concise as possible and should not contain information relating to sensitive personal data.

The basic and essential principle of the Report-Complaints Policy is the protection of the anonymity and the principle of confidentiality of the data of the persons who submit such reports-complaints. Also, in case they are employees of the Company, to additionally ensure that their existing position as well as their future professional development will not be jeopardized. In any case, we take all the appropriate measures to ensure that there will be no negative consequences (retaliation) for the person submitting the report.

In case of anonymous reports, the Company Commits to maintaining the anonymity of the complainant and not to take any action that may result in the disclosure of his/her identity. Please note that the disclosure of the identity of the complainant may be required in the context of any judicial investigation of the case or other legal proceedings. In this case, the anonymity of any other persons involved in the report will be preserved, subject to the above restrictions.

The basic and inviolable principle of the Report-Complaints Management Policy is the protection of the anonymity and the principle of confidentiality of the data of the individuals who submit such reports-complaints, and if they are employees of the Company, to ensure in addition that their existing position is not endangered. of their future professional development. In case of a personal complaint, it is ensured that there will be no negative consequences (retaliation) for the person submitting the complaint.

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In case the report is related to an older one, fill in the ID of the original report.
For the best processing of your message, please select one of the following categories:
EU and/ or national law violation
Theft, Embezzlement
Any kind of harassment (e.g. sexual)
Corporate / professional privacy violation
Company's policies, procedures and regulations violation
Violation of the legal-regulatory framework that governs the operation of the Company
Personal data violation
Conflict of interests
Related party transactions
Falsification of financial statements, provision of falsified financial or non-financial information
Bypass safeguards of the Internal Audit and Accounting system
Danger to public health or safety or the environment
Procurement procedures and public procurement Violation issues
Consumer protection issues
Code of Ethics and Behavior Violation
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Please provide your report clearly and accurately. Use up to 500 characters.

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