EYDAP S.A. within the context of the Company's obligations to inform correctly and timely the investment community, according to the article 4.1.2 & of the Athens Stock

Exchange Regulation, announces the amended Financial Calendar of the Company for the year


Thus, the financial calendar for the rest of the year is as follows:

Wednesday, July 20th 2022

Annual Ordinary General Shareholders' Meeting

Monday, July 25th 2022(1)

Ex-Dividend Date

(after June 17th 2022, which is the expiration  date of the Futures Contracts on stocks and on the FTSE/ATHEX Largi Cap Index)

Tuesday, July 26th 2022(1)

Dividend Beneficiaries - Record Date

Friday, July 29th 2022(1)

Divided Payment through Bank

Friday, September 23th 2022

Release of First Half 2022 Financial Results and Analysts Briefing via Teleconference

(1) The above mentioned dates regarding the distribution of dividend are under approval by the Annual Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders


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