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eBILL: Together we will turn paper to … oxygen!

The steps are very simple!

  • You enter EYDAP’s website and click on eEYDAP
  • If you are a new user, you can easily register with your own taxis codes
  • You activate your digital account and eliminate your paper account, reducing your environmental footprint
  • You receive e-mails or sms, free of charge for the issuance of your bill
  • You discover new online services, features and benefits that make your daily life easier


By activating eBILL, we make our planet greener!

Because, for every 5 paper bills that are eliminated, we plant a tree, in cooperation with we4all.


*If you encounter any difficulty, 1022@eydap.gr is here to guide you to successfully complete the process!


Activate your eBILL here!

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