The electronic change of data is available only to consumers above 18 years of age. For minors please visit any Regional Customer Service Center. To update your bill data, please submit the first 7 digits of your Record Number (1) and your counter number (2) (Capital Greek, with space if there is a space), exactly as they appear on your bill.  
Following this, you can:
  • submit/correct the data of the consumer(owner/resident)
  • declare your water supply as shared
  • submit a different address of delivery for your bill statement.
In case documents are required upon submission (such as E9, Rent Contract or Co-owners Authorization), please note that, if you choose to submit your documents via fax, their overdue submission will result to rejection of your request.


Upon submission of data the following documents may be required:
  • for new Owner declaration: E9
  • for new Resident declaration: Rent Contract
  • Shared Supply: Appropriate co-owners Authorization
The documents must be submitted electronically, or sent within 5 days via fax to the appropriate Customer Service Center.
For the electronic submission the document files must be already available on your computer (clear, size up to 400KB).
Type the characters of the image (capital letters)