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As the world celebrates international Environment Day, European public water operators from Aqua Publica Europea call on all actors to commit to water protection.

Water is the source of all life. It is also a common good which needs to be managed and used sustainably.

Today, the world is facing many challenges related to the availability and the quality of water. Despite progress in recent years, access to water is not yet a universal reality: according to the United Nations , 3 in 10 people worldwide still lack access to clean water and 6 in 10 lack access to a safe sanitation facility. Quality and quantity of water are vulnerable to the consequences of global warming, including droughts and floods, and demographic shifts.

Our daily mission as European public water utilities is to provide drinking water of high quality and to treat used water for millions of Europeans; in doing so, we are directly confronted with these global challenges. As 100% publicly-owned enterprises, accountable only to citizens and their elected officials, we seek effective solutions responding exclusively to the public interest, and we choose to share our best practices with our peers in Europe, through our association Aqua Publica Europea, and in developing countries.

Because water is a shared resource, a long-term vision and cooperation between all actors are paramount to address the current and future challenges. On the occasion of the World Environment  Day, and in view of the recent European elections, we outline, in our Manifesto, concrete proposals to finally make water a right and ensure its sustainable use : sound economic strategies that ensure high quality water services for all.; robust environmental policies to preserve water’s natural quality and the setting of transparency and accountability as key conditions for utility performance.

The members of Aqua Publica, servicing over 70 million citizens, are ready to take up the challenges ahead and we call on all authorities, citizens and businesses to put water as a priority and join in broad debate on the way forward.



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