At EYDAP SA we are firmly committed to carrying out our business activities with integrity, honesty, transparency and respect for society and the environment.

The management of EYDAP in the context of the development of policies for good corporate governance and sustainable development, in order to enhance the company's credibility and reputation, clarity and efficiency of its business operations and in order to meet the expectations of all stakeholders (customers, suppliers, shareholders , investment community, workers, society) implements preventive actions against corruption. These actions include the "Anti-Corruption and Anti- Bribery Policy", which was approved by the Board of Directors (No. 19398 / 1-11-2017).

This policy applies to all individuals of the company, irrespective of their title/ grade, including senior executives, senior officers, directors, board members and board of directors, employees consultants, contractors, students and trainees. The Policy reflects the Company’s will to embed a culture of non-tolerance to all Corruption and Bribery phenomena and its commitment to professionalism, legitimacy and integrity in all business transactions. The policy also promotes anti-corruption measures in order to maintain high levels of ethics and protect the company’s reputation.

By acting with integrity, impartiality and integrity, we will continue to make EYDAP a company of which we can be proud of.