In recent years, the sensitivity of people, governments and enterprises towards environmental protection has increased dramatically. As a Company involved in the supply and management of water, EYDAP couldn’t stay idle. The principles that run across environment protection, sustainability and proper utilization of water resources and the retention of equilibrium in ecosystems are the main pillars of EYDAP’s environmental policy.
The Company’s approach to environment   protection is realized through concrete initiatives in the following fields:

Less energy consumption - Lower environmental burden 

  • Exploitation of the biogas  produced at the Wastewater Treatment Plant to generate thermoelectric power.
  • Exploitation of the hydraulic energy produced during the transfer of water across aqueducts to generate electric power at small hydroelectric stations.
  • Investment in more efficient - hence  less energy consuming – equipment and facilities.
  • Sludge treatment and exploitation  at Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants.
  • Research and planning for reuse of treated water from WWTP in Psyttalia for irrigation and other secondary uses.

Protection from marine life

  • Treatment of greater Athens sewage  and wastewater and construction of new treatment facilities.
  • Control of materials disposed in the Company’s sewerage network.

Protection and optimal use of water resources  

  • Improvement and upgrade of the Company’s water supply network to minimize leakage.
  • Gradual water- meters replacement plan
  • Operation of Central  Water Resource  Management System.
  • Operation of a Geographical Network Information and Management System to ensure proper maintenance of the water supply network and prevent  faults and leaks.

Environmental sensitivity and awareness

  • Environmental seminars  organized  by EYDAP  for pupils and students  across all the education level. The seminars are attended  by approximately 20, 000 students every year  and free brochures  are handed to attendants.
  • Website section dedicated to inform the citizens of the need to protect water resources
  • Free brochures to the customers, as an annex to their bills with information on the proper use of water.
  • 3D movie for children, aiming to increase awareness among younger  audiences on the protection of the environment and natural resources.
  • Online games for children to increase awareness among younger audiences on the proper use of water.