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Environmental protection is a key pillar of the Corporate Strategy. In this context, EYDAP integrates processes and actions aimed at reducing its environmental footprint.

Sustainable management of reservoirs

EYDAP ensures the protection of reservoirs through:

  • Compliance with strict legislation (Health Code A5/2280/1983) for the protection of waters used for the water supply of the capital region from pollution and contamination" and the Presidential Decree 21/2007 concerning the definition of measures and procedures for the integrated protection and management of waters in compliance with the provisions of Directive 2000/60/EC
  • Monitoring of projects and activities in the protection zones of reservoir basins
  • Sample testing of reservoir water quality


The applied methods of water resources management are defined by:

  • Scientifically grounded rationality
  • Efficiency in that they make maximum use of water resources
  • Sustainability: in that they do not create a problem of depleting water resources in the future by meeting the needs of today.
Tiered tariff
The tiered tariff acts as a deterrent to waste of the natural resource and helps to reduce the environmental footprint of the company.
Sustainable Management of Water Supply Network & Assets Smart Grid

EYDAP, with a view to the sustainability of the resource and the coverage of water supply needs, manages water demand by developing leakage reduction programs (pressure management, water supply zones, immediate damage restoration, etc.).

In the context of the transformation aimed at modernizing and optimizing network and asset management, the Company is in the process of developing a "Smart Grid". The Smart Grid regulates and controls the generation and distribution of the resource and aims to intelligently interconnect consumers and generation with the ultimate goal of a more economical and secure network with reduced losses. The smart grid, by reducing leakages and optimizing and automating the management of water resources, ensures sustainable water resource management.

Reuse by direct pumping from the network - Sewer Mining

The reuse and recycling of water is gaining momentum in Sustainable Urban Development, highlighting the central role of water through the water-energy-material triptych that the circular economy focuses on.

EYDAP implements research projects aiming at decentralized reuse by utilizing wastewater directly from the sewerage network, through the technique of Sewer Mining. The sewer mining technology, is essentially a mobile wastewater treatment plant that can extract wastewater from local sewers and treat it directly, providing water ready for use at the point of demand, even in dense urban environments.    

EYDAP is a pioneer in Greece, and from 2021, is responsible for the operation of two Model Reuse Water Production Plants applying new technologies for purification and production of reclaimed water.

The social and environmental benefits of Sewer Mining technology are remarkable, as it achieves

  • Reduction in the quantities of treated effluents released to water bodies.
  • Reduction of water demand from surface and underground aquifers and consequently conservation of their reserves.
  • Possibility of enriching groundwater aquifers.
  • Reduction of wastewater transport costs.
  • Possibility to create and maintain urban green areas, important centers for the quality of life in the city, and consequently improve the aesthetic landscape of the area, without the consumption of drinking water for irrigation.
  • Possibility of supplying reclaimed water for irrigation in areas facing water scarcity ("islands"). 
Surface water monitoring and protection

Following the successful completion of the European research project INTCATCH, EYDAP has at its disposal two autonomous robotic vessels that enhance the existing water quality monitoring and protection program.

The robotic vessels highlight once again EYDAP's leading position in the Water Supply and Sewerage sector in the protection of the Aquatic Environment, with the ability to transfer know-how to all public and private Water Management and Protection Agencies (Management Agencies, DEYAs, Regions, Municipalities, Research Institutes, Universities, etc.). The strategic objective of EYDAP is to consolidate its cooperation with all stakeholders, providing services for the protection of surface water, integrated management and sustainable development of water resources.

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