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Marine ecosystem protection is a key concern for EYDAP.

The Company incorporates in its procedures actions that contribute effectively to the good status of the marine ecosystem, in compliance with environmental legislation and environmental policies as incorporated in National and European Law.
However, the state of the marine environment of the aquatic receptors depends on a number of factors that are not within the remit of EYDAP (illegal discharges of waste water, maritime accidents, storm water run-off, etc.).

EYDAP collects, through its sewerage network of approximately 8,500 km, the urban waste water of the areas under its area of competence that currently have a sewerage network. They are treated at the 3 Wastewater Treatment Plants, in Metamorfosis, Thriasio and Psyttalia.

The treated effluent from the WWTPs ends up in the sea free of its pollutant load at a rate of about 95%.

The efficiency of the operation of the WWTPs, the quality analyses of the treated effluents of the WWTPs are derived from laboratory analyses and are accessible to all interested parties through the National Database for Monitoring the Operation of Wastewater Treatment Plants of the Ministry of Environment http://astikalimata.ypeka.gr/.

The implementation of the New Sewerage Projects of Eastern Attica is also a decisive factor in the protection of the marine environment, with the integrated management of wastewater and the reuse of treated effluents for irrigation, aiming to minimize their disposal into the sea with an undeniably positive impact on the protection of marine ecosystems.

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