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Write using the history of EYDAP


EYDAP Historical Archive

EYDAP, having a long history in water management (AEYΥ, OAP, EYDAP), keeps and manages documents of historical importance in its Historical Archive. These documents include paper, photographic and audiovisual material, as well as various objects dating back to the end of the 19th century, which reflect the long history of the Company, as well as the relationship between the development of the water and sewerage system and the development of Athenian society.

HYDRO is a geometric font designed exclusively for EYDAP's Historical Archive. The starting point for its study and design was the rich material contained in the Archive: a series of technical and construction drawings and diagrams, reflecting the diligence, precision and technique of the 1930s engineers.

Its design was directly inspired by the lettering in the memorandum of the basic technical design of the Marathon Dam. At its foundations are simple geometric shapes - the square, the circle and the triangle. It is simple, rational, clean, neutral and serves the direct and smooth reading of the text.

It is the result of applied research, where aesthetic elements of the Archive influence contemporary communication elements, such as an integrated family of letters.  This is the first time such a project has been presented to the public.

A new font

HYDRO is a balanced, geometric font, designed in regular, semi-black and black; a basic set that can support quite complex needs when creating a publication. The font was designed digitally and fully supports the Greek character set. It also includes Latin figures, numbers, symbols, punctuation and accentuation marks, which make it suitable for use with any European language that uses the Latin alphabet. In addition, the letterforms of the original design have been retained as stylistic alternatives for use in large sizes, reflecting the design trends of the period.


Download the EYDAP Historical Archive font and its presentation issue here.


Concept- Production: EYDAPHistoricalArchive

Design: Vassilis Georgiou with the guidance of Christoforos Brellis

License: SIL Open Font License (OFL)

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