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EYDAP focusing on management and development of Human Resources has systematically put into operation procedures utilizing human potential through education and developing skills in order to diffuse the accumulated expertise to all employees. 
For this purpose, there has been developed an educational program covering the following areas: technical (water and sewage networks and facilities), management, business development, economic, public relations and communication. The entire training program is supported by the respective handbooks, which have been prepared in-house by executives and is designed to provide focused and financially rational training.

In 2011, trainings were held in two semesters, including modules for water supply and sewerage technical issues, information and technology, foreign languages, but also financial and administrative modules.  In particular, during the first semester 113 modules were held with 1,495 total training hours and 1,967 staff participations. Also, during the second semester 117 modules were held, with 1,043 total training hours and 2,912 staff participations.

The implementation of the training program in both the two semesters was based on 87% (first semester) and 94% (second semester) to internal lecturers and the staff response was impressive and growing by 32% from the first semester to the second.

Using internal lecturers for the implementation of the training programs provides the opportunity to use the accumulated experience and expertise of senior managers and at the same time allows costs control. In addition,  when appropriate, freelance lecturers are recruited, according to specific strict selection criteria.

Additionally, since 2011 operates on the internal portal of the Company an electronic library of the Academy School, where is posted the module guide, the schedule for every semester and all relevant notices.

Providing high-quality knowledge and securing for its employees the opportunity for lifelong learning, EYDAP is investing in its people, aiming at the quality upgrade of customer service, the respect to the environment and the society.

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