As a Company burdened with the task to satisfy its customers’ vital needs, EYDAP has adopted a society – oriented approach which is realised through benefits, decisions and actions that manifest the Company’s civil responsibility.  In this context, EYDAP, with the aim of improving the lives of individuals as well as the development and prosperity of society as a whole, supports initiatives and actions which are based on the social contribution and promotion of culture.

Care for Customers

  • Provision of low-priced special tariffs, to vulnerable social groups, such as charities, families, elderly people, hospitals, as well as setting of favorable settlements for the repayment of excessive bills.
  • Systematic support to charity organizations and medical organizations and health and education services with recognized social action.
  • Provision of logistical support and know-how in areas affected by natural phenomena.


  • Organization and management of  EYDAP’s Historical Archive
  • Publication of books and albums
  • Conservation and restoration of material of historical importance
  • Care for the presentation and retrieval of film material from ULEN archives and production of a documentary that presents the constructions of the dam in Lake Marathon and related activities in 1930s.
  • Operation of a small museum at Lake Marathon with exhibits related to the construction of the dam in 1925.
  • Financial support for scholarship programs and scientific conferences covering all sciences.