As a Company  burdened with the task to satisfy its customers’ vital needs, EYDAP has adopted a society – oriented approach which is realised  through  benefits, decisions and actions that manifest the Company’s  civil responsibility. The Company’s social policy is materialized through:

Care for Customers

  • Financial or material support to disadvantages  social groups  or people in need.
  • Lower tariffs, for special customers,  such as charity organizations, families with many children, hospitals etc.
  • Favourable  settlement  for excessive charges due to unnoticed leakage.


  • Presentation and retrieval of film material from ULEN archives and production of a documentary  that presents the constructions of the dam in lake Marathon and related activities in 1930s.
  • Operation of a small museum at Lake Marathon with exhibits related to the construction of the dam in 1925.
  • Cultural events  with environmental scope and character.