EYDAP’s participation at International Biennale of Seoul under the title “2017 Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism” Domain “Cities”- Athens.

From Antiquity to Tomorrow: The People’s Water Project

EYDAP had been called to participate at the International Biennale of Seoul, under the title “2017 Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism” that takes place, for 66 days, from 1st of September to November 5th 2017. The general thematic of Biennale with the title “Imminent Commons” is been held at Zaha Hadid Dongdaemun Cultural Plaza.

EYDAP participates representing the city of Athens by exhibiting an audiovisual project which historically connects the Water Supply of Athens of the ancient years with EYDAP’s newest water network, by giving prominence to the importance of water as a source of life.

It is about a digital application that displays the Attica water network through a visual water timeline, which records transitions in places and time periods. The interactive experience “transports” images and links among the people of various communities, neighborhoods and origins and creates new symbolic narratives among all these people - since ancient Athenians up to the modern residents of Athens.

The project is based on contemporary and historical archive of photographs, plans and drawings from EYDAP’s Archives of Design Studies & Specifications Division and Historical Archive Division. Additionally, it collects material from employees - amateur photographers and from external sources.

The participation of EYDAP is a result of the collaboration of the Departments: Design Studies & Specifications, Assessment & Support of New Activities, Historical Archive & Corporate Responsibility and the Department of GIS. The total coordination and organization was under supervision of the Department of Coordination & Supportive Operations and the Department of Communications & Corporate Affairs.

The project is part of the EYDAP Culture Network.

The project was implemented by: Lambrini Tzoumourani (Project Manager, Curator), George Sachinis (Curator of Digital Project), Sonia Tzimopoulou (Coordination and Design of Exhibition Space), Chryssa Apostolou, George Louridas, Eleni Vallindra, Christina Panagiotopoulou as well as the developers Kostas Zoumis, Stratos Tsarouchis, Antigone Kofa from Marathon Data Systems. The project was supported by the Executive Director of Coordination & Supportive Operations, Effie Nestorides. The promotion and communication program of the project had been developed by the Department of Communications & Corporate Affairs. Art curator of the project was Melina Nicolaides.

Enter to The People’s Water Project

>>Connect moments and people of Athens from ancient times until today by tracing the historical and active city water network.


The texts of the exhibition:

Water, the beginning of all things

From Antiquity to Tomorrow


Snapshots from the exhibition: