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Committee for Literature and Arts
The Committee for Literature and Arts is the main field of activity of the Employees’ Cultural Centre. It annually attends events presenting the work of important people of the spiritual world and becomes the opportunity to attend numerous and remarkable theatrical performances, both employees and their families through the subsidy of its members. It also provides valuable discounts on performances in collaboration with most theatres in Athens, while still organizes visits to major art exhibitions presented in museums of Athens. The Committee for Literature and Arts has the responsibility of theatre group, which in the past has demonstrated professional quality work

Film Committee
The Film Committee has the responsibility   for the managing the open-air cinema "Dexameni" in Kolonaki. The use of space was given in 1991 to the employees of the Company and was extremely successful, as the choices of films and the renovated cinema have highlighted the most favourites places in Athens.
First-run movies are shown every year from May to September. The   Employees’ Cultural Centre provides its members and fellow retirees the opportunity for free admission.

Blood Donation Committee
The Blood Donation Committee has the responsibility of coordinating the donation blood process in buildings of EYDAP in collaboration with  Hippokratio hospital. The donation is held 3 times a year with the contribution of fellow donors. The blood bank of EYDAP in Hippokratio hospital, is a source of relief, contributing daily to fellow sufferers and not only.

Excursion Committee
The Excursion Committee organizes every year trips  for the  members of the Employees’ Cultural Centre and not only. Members of the Cultural Centre are subsidised on an annual basis for a field trip of their choice in Greece or abroad. The trips fill all employees with pleasant memories, as  participants share a very enjoyable track from their every work, developing collective spirit.

Sports Committee
The Sports Committee makes act the motto "a healthy mind in a healthy body", giving members the opportunity to be involved with football, while organizing and mountaineering trips.

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