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EYDAP, the leading company in Greece in water cycle management, is steadily oriented to the principles of Sustainable Development. In the context of social responsibility, the Company applies a Sponsorship Program aiming at the promotion of educational, cultural, athletic, environmental and public health values among others, making EYDAP an important supporter of actions that contribute to Greek society, in many aspects.

In 2020, EYDAP established a Corporate Sponsorship Policy for the enhancement of transparency and the safeguarding of the harmonization of sponsorships with corporate strategic goals.

Sponsorship request may be submitted throughout the year by applying here.

The sponsorship requests are evaluated by the Sponsorship Committee of EYDAP in compliance with Sponsorship Policy’s terms, for the promotion of activities with increased social value and in alignment with the strategic goals of the Company.

All supporting and legal documents are to be submitted after the initially positive evaluation of the sponsorship request.

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