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Program of Environmental Education and Awareness

EYDAP, as the largest water supply and sewerage Company in the greater Attica region, focuses on environmental awareness of the younger generations with the aim of sustainable water management and use, as well as environmental protection.

For this reason, the Company successfully carries out an environmental information and awareness program aimed exclusively at elementary school children, specifically at those in grades 4, 5 and 6, as, during this period of their educational journey children are taught basic concepts about the water cycle, its management, its treatment, the biological treatment of wastewater, etc.


Organization and place of implementation of the program

The "Journey of Stagonoulis" environmental program is implemented at the level of planning, organization and coordination, by the staff of the Communication and Corporate Affairs Division.

More specifically, from the beginning to the end of the school year, the instructors welcome, on a daily basis in Galatsi, in the room where the educational program takes place, about 50 students per day. The room has modern audiovisual equipment and, at the same time, offers a welcoming environment for the young visitors.

Structure and purpose of the program

The main objective of the "Journey of Stagonoulis" program is the environmental awareness of the new generation through information, knowledge and development of environmental consciousness. The content of the environmental program is structured around this basic axis.

Specifically, the program is structuredaround the following thematic sections:

  1. Presentation of the inseparable and timeless relationship of man's life with water, through audiovisual material.
  2. Understanding of the natural water cycle which aims at highlighting the need to safeguard the uninterrupted continuity of the natural good to the planet, which is vital for the survival and evolution of man.
  3. Historical overview of the water supply of the city of Athens from antiquity until today, presentation of the water path from the water sources to the Water Treatment Plants, as well as the purification of raw water in order to make it drinking water and available to consumers. The aim is to inform the new generation about the value of water, through the observation of man's enduring and arduous effort to find, collect and secure sufficient and clean water to meet his vital needs. Moreover, children are getting able to perceive that water is not only a valuable natural resource, but is also a good that requires a high cost in order to reach our tap clean, drinking and healthy.
  4. Historical overview of the sewerage system of the city of Athens from antiquity until today, throughout a detailed presentation of the sewerage network operation, the Wastewater Treatment Plants and the utilization of byproducts (biogas, dried sludge). This thematic section includes the evolution of the city sewerage system, from the discharge of wastewater in open spaces up to Wastewater Treatment Plants during the last fifteen years that decisively contributed to environmental protection. The aim is to understand how the development of an integrated sewerage system contributed decisively to the upgrading of the living standards of the residents of the Attica basin, but also to the protection of the natural environment through the clean up of the Saronic Sea and the use of wastewater by-products for the production of  biogas at the Wastewater Treatment Plants.
  5. Generating and exploiting renewable energy resource at EYDAP facilities (hydroelectric energy Mornos aqueduct, production of electric and thermal energy from biogas in Psyttaleia). The aim is to highlight the importance of energy conservation and protection of natural resources and the environment.
  6. Presentation and analysis of the problem of water resource scarcity on the planet with the simultaneous presentation of the principles of rational use of water in our daily life for the preservation of this precious natural resource.


Presentation material of the program

The main body of the program is the presentation of a series of pictures that includes all the above mentioned thematic structure of the environmental  program, within a narrative and explanatory development which is made by the presenter of the program. Afterwards, it is being presented, in a comprehensible language and a playfully mood, a short view audiovisual material starring “Stagonoulis” mascot  in a 3D form, through interesting images that presents the circle of water management, while at the same time it conveys messages of environmental awareness.

It is worth noticing that at the end of the program the children receive gifts from EYDAP in order to keep in mind the vivid stimuli they received from watching the environmental program.


Purposes of the program

The environmental program "The Journey of Stagonoulis" utilizes an additional tool to the educational process. It is aiming to the clarification of the basic concept on water management and the comprehension of the environmental values with the ultimate aim of acquiring knowledge and cultivating environmental sensitivities that can be transformed into initiative and action by the younger.

Τhe emphasis is placed on the rational use and the need to protect water resources, by integrating concepts such as 'quality of life', 'culture', 'solidarity' and 'responsibility' as basic components of the modern human being culture development.

The young students become aware of the long path that makes water to come to us in a daily basis, in order for us to enjoy every drop of it. Furthermore, they comprehend the struggle of man, in all phases of his historical evolution to secure it while developing new methods that improve the quality of life and protect the environment.

It should be noted that a very large number of children from the greater Attica area have attended the program, and every year more and more students show interest in attending it.


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