Welcome to the website of the Athens Water Supply and Sewerage Company (EYDAP S.A.). EYDAP is the largest company of its kind in Greece and  serves approximately 4,400,000 customers (2,160,000 water meters) while the length of water pipelines is 14,000 km. The sewerage sector serves 3,500,000 residents with sewers spreading at almost 9,500 km.

EYDAP was founded in 1980 after the merge of the incumbent water supplier in Athens and Piraeus "Hellenic Water Company" (EEY S.A.) and the "Greater Athens Sewerage Organization" (OAP S.A.).

In 1999, EYDAP took its present legal form, as all of its major assets - of dams, reservoirs, water towers, pumping stations and all other facilities that allow water to be transferred safely to treatment plants- were transferred to the company "EYDAP Assets", thus remaining the property of the Greek State.

In January 2000, EYDAP S.A. was listed on the Main Market of the Athens Stock Exchange.

The Company’s object is:

  • To provide water supply and sewerage services.
  • To design, construct, install, operate, manage, maintain, expand and upgrade water supply and sewerage systems.
  • To pump, desalinate, process, transfer, store and distribute all kinds of water as a means of serving EYDAP’s object.
  • To manage and dispose the wastewater treatment products.

EYDAP’s area of service is the greater metropolitan area of Athens.  However, EYDAP has the right to provide a full range of services in the outside area of its responsibility via subsidiaries and through programming contracts with local authorities.