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EYDAP sheds light on the past, connects today and opens a window to tomorrow.

Reclaiming the Hadrian Aqueduct as a cultural monument and water resource, contributing in the creation of communities, participating in different programs and networks, investing in new partnerships, operating a green research center while testing smart innovative technologies to save energy, protect the environment, manage effectively the water resources, expand its activities in new areas and improve its services related to the most basic natural resource of the planet, water, EYDAP stays up to date with the global reality. It synchronizes with the past, present and future, evaluating its strengths, redesigning its services and seeking sustainability solutions, at a time when climate change and the resources exhaustion internationally are the most important challenges that man is called upon to manage in its history.


Development through Innovation

EYDAP understands its role as a leader in water supply and sewerage in Greece, a key role in ensuring public health, safety and prosperity. It operates and acts with reliability, respect and orientation to human and the environment. However, we do not stand in our primary role. We understand our role as crucial for setting the course in the new era. In constant contact with the international reality, we recognize the values ​​of the strategies of resilience and sustainable development of cities. Strategies that increasingly seem to meet the needs of modern reality - despite the fact that in Athens water is often taken for granted. The landscape is changing at a galloping pace. The principles of the circular economy must now govern every action of the business world, in an intensive preparation for tomorrow. In this preparation for the next day, EYDAP proceeds with the development through innovation.

Development through innovation is EYDAP's response to the modern European challenges of the water sector: 1) water quality control and protection of water from pollution 2) ensuring the efficiency of water resources 3) wastewater management and reuse (circular economy) 4) development of environmental awareness and sensitivity.

At the same time, EYDAP through new activities, which fall into development and innovation, returns to society part of the value of the natural resource it manages (giving back factor) and supports local initiatives in areas of Attica. This value lies in educating and raising public awareness, protecting the environment, saving energy and supporting local communities.

All the above are implemented centrally and horizontally in EYDAP, but also through the different services of the company, as well as with the development of a new generation of employees, who bring new cultures within it, on the road to a total transformation of EYDAP.

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