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The construction of the sewerage network is the following :

The Central Sewer Pipeline
The Central Sewer Pipeline directs the wastewater and storm water from the end of Patission Street until  Akrokeramos (Keratsini). The construction of the pipe was completed in 1959. It has a length of 16 km and discharge capacity of 15 m3 per second.

The Saronic Central Coastal Collector
The Central Coastal Collector, which was constructed by Athens Sewerage Organization,  starts from the area of Varkiza and  ends in Amphithea. It has approximately 13 km length. For its construction certain parameters have been taken into account related to the topography and maintaining the environmental balance of the region. Its high discharge capacity  reaches 2,5  m3  per second.

Parakifissios Sewerage Collector
Parakifissios Sewerage Collector starts  from Agios Ioannis Rendi and ends in   Ekali. It’s  length reaches about 26 km, while its dicharge capacity is 20,2 m3 per second.

The Auxilliary Central Sewer Pipeline
The Auxilliary Central Sewer Pipeline was constructed in the 1980’s. It starts from Agios Ioannis Rendi and ends in Akrokeramos. The Auxilliary Central Sewer Pipeline completes the discharge capacity of The Central Sewer Pipeline. It’s   circular and made of reinforced   concrete. Its length is 7,5 km and its discharge capacity is 15,5 m3 per second.

The Pressure Sewer Pipeline
The pressure Sewer Pipeline directs the wastewater from the areas of Moschato, Nea Smyrni and Palaio Phaliro, comforting these areas currently served by the The Saronic Central Coastal Collector. Its total length is 6 km, while its discharge capacity at the mouth reaches 7 m3  per second.


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