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The maintenance of the sewerage network is aimed at its rational function, as it is maintained and constantly checked to avert problems that create damage to the roadway and minimizing any malfunctions arise every time.

EYDAP in order to locate and repair damages in the sewerage network uses cutting-edge technology Mobile Units that inspect the network telescopically. These mobile units contain:

  1. The Control Chamber containing all the electronic systems necessary to move and control the unit and the camera. This chamber also contains the recording, photographic, and video-recording systems that convey all the data that the camera collects from inside the pipe (such as the exact location and kind of the damage) to a computer.
  2. The Mechanical-gear chamber that contains three small vehicles on which 2 cameras are adjusted. These cameras are used to inspect pipes ranging in diameter from 200 mm to 1500 mm, as well as for the inspection of individual building connections. For pipe sections of larger diameter, which can accommodate direct inspection by technical personnel, the cameras can be adjusted to a portable system.

With the use of cutting-edge technology EYDAP achieves lower maintenance costs and quicker repair time, while minimizing social annoyance from unnecessary digging.

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