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Description and operation of the network

EYDAP is responsible for the construction, operation and maintenance of the sewerage network in its area of competence, as defined by article 8 of Law 2744/99.

By sewerage network is meant:

· sewerage pipes

· all-flow pipes (old mixed network in the center of Athens)

· pumping stations, depression pipes, spillways

· any project aimed at collecting and transporting waste water to the final recipients  

The most important of the primary wastewater collectors are:

· The Central Sewer

· The Supplementary Central Sewer

· The Parakifissios WastewaterCollector

· The Central Coastal Collector  

Wastewater pipelines are usually gravity pipelines, although where necessary, pressurized pipelines are available.

The Attica sewerage system includes 44 pumping stations, mainly along the coastal front of Piraeus and the Saronic coast.

The wastewater, through the main collectors, is discharged to the Wastewater Treatment Plants.

Network maintenance

The maintenance of the sewage network and the restoration of the faults is carried out with immediate interventions by highly trained staff, using equipment that is constantly being modernized.

Almost 80% of the network is digitally imaged, which contributes to the rapid response to problems encountered.

For the maintenance of the sewage network pipelines and the prevention of problems, the following are used:

  • Mobile units for remote control,(ναμπειένακενό)to check and locate damages
  • High pressure tankers and tankers with automatic wastewater recycling, new anti-pollution technology, which recycle 100% of the wastewater from sewers in order to reuse it for cleaning sewer pipes, thus saving valuable drinking water
  • Video Inspection and Repair Vehicles with No Dig Technology robotic systems, for repair without excavation
  • Specially designed vehicles with modern equipment for safe access of personnel to underground sewerage areas
  • Remote control-telemetry systems (SCADA), for automated operation of pumping stations


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