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In Psyttalia Wastewater Treatment Plant the incoming wastewater (of 730.000 m3  per day) not only undergoes a advanced treatment but it is also  energy source. Specifically, during the process of digestion of mixed sludge, the produced biogas  is used to produce electricity and thermal energy at the Psyttalia heat and power cogeneration plants, with a total wattage 11,4 MWe and thermal force 17,3 MWth.

The benefits of Unit Operation Heat and Electricity Cogeneration is both economically, as achieved savings in operating costs and revenue from the sale of electricity in the Hellenic Electricity Market Officer and environmentally. More specifically:

  1. Biogas is a renewable energy source that replaces conventional fuels. Controlled burning of biogas in piston internal combustion engines result to released into the atmosphere significantly reduced air pollutants compared with the burning of biogas in torches that were hatched before the manufacturing units.
  2. With the new legislation for emission rights greenhouse gas pollutants, the existence of two biogas plants in PWWT entitles EYDAP to have more free allowances gaseous pollutant emissions than their absence, while their operation doesn’t reduce the above rights , since these emissions are renewable energy source.

In addition, the operation of units contributes to the self-reliance of the installation of the Psyttalia WWT, as they can function independently of the availability of electricity network standards, thus ensuring the efficient and uninterrupted operation of facilities they serve.


Μονάδα ΣΗΘΕ του ΚΕΛ Ψυττάλειας με καύση βιοαερίου Εγκατάσταση συμπαραγωγής ηλεκτρικής και θερμικής ενέργειας στην Ψυττάλει


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