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Along the aqueduct system that brings raw water to the Athens area for treatment, one can find energy dissipation works (small waterfalls along the aqueduct). EYDAP is in the process of converting these energy dissipation works into energy production plants, thus taking advantage of the aqueducts’ hydropower potential.

The water being conveyed to Athens via the aqueduct is temporarily redirected through a turbine that converts the hydraulic energy potential into electricity by use of a generator. The water then rejoins the aqueduct at a lower elevation and continues its flow to the water treatment plants near the city.

EYDAP has constructed six small hydropower plants along its aqueducts located in:

  • Kirfi (760 KW)
  • Elikona (650 KW)
  • Kartala Kihairona (1200 KW)
  • Mandra (630 KW)
  • Evinos Dam (820 KW)
  • Klidi  (590 KW)

Advantages from the operation of small hydropower plants

The many advantages (environmental, social, financial etc.) to operating small hydropower plants can be summed up as follows:

  • Exploitation of unused hydraulic energy potential.
  • Production of «Green» energy using Renewable Energy Sources (RES) (20 GWh/yr).
  • Protection of the environment, since energy production from RES does not involve the production of byproducts toxic to the environment. Energy production using RES eliminates the dissipation of tons of Green house gases, such as CΟ2 as well as other toxic substances.
  • Income from the sale of electricity.
  • Additional income from trading carbon rights or green certificates.
  • New employment possibilities.
  • Low operational and maintenance costs due to telemetry and SCADA systems.
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