The extrovert strategy, towards domestic and international growth, is a strategic pillar for EYDAP. More specifically, the strategic priorities set are:

  • Upgrade of provided services, preserving a low-tariff policy, due to the economies of scale exploitation in the whole range of corporate activities (water production, processing, distribution, wastewater collection and sewerage treatment).
  • Added-value generation by further exploitation of existing infrastructure in Attica, including wastewater effluent reuse projects for the benefit of our customers - citizens and the environment.
  • Expansion of added value services in order to resolve definitely the issues of water supply and sanitation in the islands and mainland of Greece, under the scope of sustainability and good environmental practices.
  • Expansion of services abroad with the aim of establishing the Company as a key international player in the field of water and sanitation.

Moreover, the Company continued the effort to enhance and strengthen the activities for the protection of the environment, the upgrade of water and sanitation services, and business modernization in order to improve the level of customer service.