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EYDAP processes and supplies in its area of competence its water, which is among the highest quality in the world. EYDAP's main water sources and reservoirs are located in pristine areas, free from agricultural and industrial activity, so that the Greek capital is supplied with water of excellent quality that reaches the basin in a natural way, requiring minimal energy consumption.

Through responsibility, expertise and, above all, a consistent anthropocentric approach, EYDAP has been successfully managing the water cycle for decades, making it available to all citizens of Attica without discrimination and returning it back to the environment clean.

Our strategy is based on achieving a balanced and sustainable development for the benefit of society as a whole, customers, employees, shareholders and the environment.

EYDAP's strategic priorities, based on ESG criteria, give emphasis on sustainable water management and environmental protection, but at the same time on targeted actions for operational efficiency, utilization of human resources, support of society and serving public interest.

The dynamic triptych of Safety at Work - Operational Efficiency - Development for Society is what defines the Company's strategic priorities.


The Company's main objectives are:

  • digital transformation
  • the efficient use of water resources
  • the sustainability of its investments
  • the enhancement of its market value
  • the achievement of a reasonable return on invested capital
  • attracting new investors
  • ensuring a fair and dynamic working environment
  • the creation of new jobs
  • improving the quality of the services we offer 


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