Greece produces one of the highest quality waters in the world. The main sources of water intake and the reservoirs of EYDAP are located in clean areas, free from agricultural and industrial activity, with the result that the capital is supplied with water in a natural way that requires minimum energy consumption.

EYDAP, with responsibility, know-how and mainly with a stable anthropocentric approach, has been successfully managing the water cycle for decades, which is available to all citizens without discrimination and returns it back to a clean environment.

Our vision is to remain the largest and most reliable company in the management of the water cycle, always oriented towards Human and the Environment.

Our mission is to provide quality and cheap drinking water to more and more citizens and to deliver it back to the environment clean, through the effective management of all available resources, with social sensitivity and guided by our contribution to social well-being.

Our strategy is based on achieving balanced and sustainable development for the benefit of society as a whole, customers, employees, shareholders and all those who have a legitimate interest in it.

The main goals of our strategy are:

  • Increase of efficiency in the operation of the Company
  • Upgrading the services provided
  • Expansion of the clientele - Increase of geographical coverage
  • Development of new activities
  • Utilization of human resources
  • Utilization of technology and innovation
  • Settlement of the regulatory and contractual framework with the Greek State
  • Strict application and compliance with all quality and operational standards

In order to achieve these goals, EYDAP has developed an Integrated Modernization Program, the main actions of which are focused on:

  • Adoption of modern methods of financial planning
  • Redesign and simplification of internal and external procedures
  • Application of modern remote control and remote control methods for efficient network management
  • Implement critical network interventions to avoid recurring costly failures
  • Application of modern methods and tools for risk management
  • Expansion of e-government for customer service
  • Adoption of modern personnel development and management systems
  • Implementation of a new model of cooperation with the Municipalities
  • Strengthen regulatory compliance and obtain relevant certifications
  • Preparation of business plans for new activities and expansion in areas outside Attica