The WATER METERS LABORATORY of EYDAP is involved with the assembly and commissioning of water meters serving the needs of  approximately 4,300,000 customers. It is also involved in the calibration instruments  of cold potable water of horizontal placement. Its workforce has proven knowledge and experience in issues regarding measurements and measuring equipment.

The Laboratory offers services to companies in the private and public sector (laboratories, industries, municipal water-supply companies etc) and also provides consulting services for the development of technical specifications, as well as for the evaluation and maintenance of water meters and other liquid measuring equipment.

In addition to the above, the Laboratory is also involved in pilot research projects regarding new technologies and methodologies in the field of measurement.

In 2002, the Laboratory was accredited by the Hellenic Accreditation Council as an official calibration laboratory for volume and flow rate measuring instruments, according to the international standard ISO/IEC 17025. Accreditation represents formal recognition of the Laboratory’s credibility in measurement issues.

The Water Meters Laboratory of EYDAP is the only accredited laboratory of its kind in Greece.

The methodology used for the calibration tests is based on the weighing method described in standard ISO 4185:1980. This method involves the measurement of liquid flow-rate in closed conduits by measuring the mass of liquids delivered to a weighing tank in a known time interval. Cold potable water is used as the calibration liquid.

Outside the scope of its accreditation, the Water Meters Laboratory has the ability to carry out measurements of wider range, such as:

  1. for flow-rate measurements up to 280.000 l/h
  2. for volume measurements up to 5.000 l

Expanding its scope of accreditation for the two above-mentioned ranges of measurements is one of the Laboratory’s immediate goals.