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The daily quality control tests of raw and drinking water that are conducted in the chemical and microbiological laboratories of EYDAP are designed to ensure and certify the excellent quality of water that EYDAP provides to the citizens of Athens.

For this reason, the water quality of four reservoirs (Marathon, Yliki, Mornos and Evinos) is closely monitored as well as the quality of drinking water in the water supply network, in case of any problem that may arise to be noticed and treated promptly.

For the quality of water to be controlled, EYDAP has laboratories in Galatsi and Acharnes. These laboratories analyze samples of raw water from lakes - reservoirs, the drilling of EYDAP and samples of drinking water from the Water Treatment Plants of the Company and of the water supply network.

The analyses results certify that the quality of drinking water provided by EYDAP fully meet the legislative requirements of JMD Γ1(δ)/ΓΠ ECO 67322/2017  "Quality of water intended for human consumption" (as amended and currently in force) and complies with the requirements of ECO 46399/1352/86  "quality required of surface water intended for drinking, bathing, living in freshwater fish and shellfish culture."

The chemical laboratories of Galatsi and Acharnon, as well as the Microbiology Laboratory are accredited by ISO EN 17025 since 2005 by the National Accreditation System (ESYD) for testing to identify 19 chemical and 6 microbiological parameters in untreated drinking water (Certificate No. 192).

In EYDAP’s laboratories, the most modern methods of chemical analysis are applied, in order to achieve high sensitivity, accuracy and reproducibility in determining the data required in the analysis of water samples.

The analytical techniques employed include, automatic photometric analysis, ion chromatography, gas chromatography with mass detectors, ECD and FID, liquid chromatography HPLC, emission spectroscopy of plasma, real time PCR, toxicity control with Daphnia organisms and method ELISA.

It is noted that the water quality control laboratories of EYDAP, are measured approximately 120,000 times annually.

Units Maximum value Minimum value
mg/l Calcium carbonate 250 150
French degrees (°f or FH) 25 15
German degrees (°d or DH) 14 8,4


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