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EYDAP S.A. makes every possible effort to ensure that the content of the Company’s website is up to date. The information shared in our website aims to provide its users with general information. Potential changes and additions may occur at any time without any obligation by EYDAP S.A. for particular update or notification.

The total content of the EYDAP S.A. website, the logo, trademark, data, pictures, photos, texts and code of the websites are intellectual and industrial property of EYDAP S.A. and the copy, total or partial modification, publish, transmission, transfer, reproduction, distribution, presentation and use by third parties in any way or by any means for commercial or other reasons, are not allowed without its consent.

EYDAP S.A. makes every effort, as far as possible, to ensure that its website is protected from malicious attacks and viruses as well as to ensure that it constantly functions properly. However, EYDAP S.A. will have no responsibility in the event of technical or other abnormalities as well as in case of potential unavailability of its website.

The navigation and use of our website takes place under the sole responsibility of the user.
As a visitor you are obliged to use the website of EYDAP S.A. only for legitimate purposes, by respecting the legal framework governing telecommunications and electronic communications. For this purpose, the visitor of our websites must refrain from any illegal and abusive behavior, which may lead to harm other visitors / users or malfunction of the Website. EYDAP SA bears no responsibility for the security of the network, equipment and email platform you choose to use while interacting with us.

EYDAP S.A. provides you with indicative instructions for the secure use of our websites.

Our website, in order to ensure the convenience of its visitors and within the context of the provided services to its users, provides them with Useful Links leading to other websites, which are governed by their own terms of use, which we invite you to read in any case. The reference to them does not constitute acceptance or approval of their content. Therefore, EYDAP S.A. does not have any responsibility for their content, any responsibility or guarantee for their availability, correctness, completeness, legitimacy and accuracy of the information provided by other websites.

For any comments you might have regarding the content of our website, you may contact the Communications and Corporate Affairs Division of EYDAP S.A. (pubrel@eydap.gr  telephone number: +30 210 7495420). If you experience any problems or malfunctions during the use of our website, please contact the Digital Experience Application Design Department of EYDAP S.A. (y_sepse@eydap.gr telephone number:  +30 2102144391).


  • You should protect your computer by using antivirus as well as antispyware programs and make sure these are frequently updated with their latest editions
  • You should not be misled by links which you believe they will lead you to the website of EYDAP S.A. You should always type out the address of our website (www.eydap.gr) by yourself and you should not use links, especially if these are sent to you via e-mail or they are published on the websites of other companies, search engines etc.
  • The originality of our website is secured with the Thawte Certification, one of the world's largest, prestigious, organisations issuing certificates of presence on the Internet. We recommend you to keep checking it 
  • When you use our website and the website of your Bank for your online transactions, please also ensure the authenticity of your Bank’s website
  • For your account management services (registration, data change, monitoring account), you must register as a user. The user registration is done exclusively through redirection to the General Secretariat for Information Systems (taxisnet).



EYDAP S.A., which is headquartered in Galatsi, Attica, 156 Oropou Str. and to which this website belongs (www.eydap.gr) is bound to the users who subscribe to it and register their personal data, by respecting their privacy and being vigilant for the proper maintenance and operation of the security systems so as to ensure the safety of your personal data.

When we refer to personal data, we mean any information related to a particular individual or person whose identity can be ascertained such as their name, address, e-mail address, ID number etc.

When we refer to your personal data processing, we mean any activity or group of activities implemented with or without the use of automated systems on personal data or groups of personal data i.e. processing is the collection, recording, organisation, structure, storage, adaptation or change, recovery, information searching, use, disclosure by transmission, dissemination or any other form of distribution, association or connection, restriction, deletion or destruction.

The aim of this privacy policy and declaration of personal data protection is to inform you regarding the nature of the personal data collected by EYDAP S.A. as the data Controller, the way they are processed (collection, storage, use, transmission etc.), the purpose and legal basis of their processing, the technical and organisational measures for their protection and the rights of the users against this process, which in any case is carried out in a reliable, legitimate and transparent way.

In order to ensure the transparency of the collection, use, storage, transfer of your personal data, EYDAP S.A. encourages the website users and anyone interested, to read this Declaration of Privacy and Personal Data Protection so as to obtain the following information:

1. Which information do we collect about the user, on what legal basis and for which purposes

We only collect your data, through the present website, when you provide them to us and following your request within the context of our transactional relationship, for your information, our mutual communication, your identification and the management of your account. When visiting and navigating the EYDAP Website, the user's network protocol address and connection data are automatically recorded, for reasons of optimizing, and ensuring the security of our information systems, as we have a legal interest. During the above processing, no identifiable elements of the physical identity of the user are revealed, but this data is used exclusively for the operation of the Website and the optimization and assurance of the security of our information systems.
Under no circumstance will EYDAP SA use the data you provide to make automated decisions that may affect you.
Specifically, in the following Table you can be informed on your personal data which we process through our website, for the purposes and legal bases of processing per process:


 Categories of personal data

Purpose of processing

Legal basis of processing

Communication with us via the contact form

- Name and surname
- Phone Number
- E-mail address
-The information you provide to us through the field "Comments"
- The information you provide to us with the uploaded file

When applicable

- Municipality
- Address, street number, vertical street
- District
- Water supply meter number
-Water supply meter registration number

Communication with you/ Declaration of problem or failure related to your district or your water supply registry

- The transactional relationship between us

- Our legal obligation

- Our legal interest, within the context of the provision of our services to you and the resolution of issues

Communication with us, via e-mail

- Name and surname
- E-mail address
- Other information you provide us with at your will
- The information you provide to us in the e-mail

Communication for bill matters and resolution of related issues, customer service

The transactional relationship between us
– Our legal obligation
– Our legal interest, in within the context of the provision of services to you and the resolution of your issues


 - Name and surname
- Contact details (email, phone number)
- Other information you provide us with at your will

Communication to schedule an appointment for billing issues, resolving of related affairs, customer service.

– The transactional relationship between us
– Our legal obligation
– Our legal interest, in within the context of the provision of services to you and the resolution of your issues

Use of “Click2Call” service

 - Name and surname
- Telephone number

Communication for bill matters, water supply or sewerage network failure or for any other information

– The transactional relationship between us
– Our legal obligation

Booking for a visit

- Educator data (name, surname, e-mail address)
- School information (name, grade, number of students, number of accompanying persons, telephone number, mobile telephone number (optional)
- The information you provide to us in the field "Comments"

 Booking for participation of the class in environmental programs of the Company, for educational purposes

- Your consent provided, during your registration
– Our legal interest within the context of the encouragement and development of the students’ environmental consciousness, regarding the utilisation of the natural resource

Sending newsletter to educators

 - Educator’s email address (which has been provided during the booking for a visit)

 Sending updates regarding educational programs conducted by EYDAP S.A.

– The provision of your consent for this purpose

Bill payment


No data is stored

 Online bill payment with the use of debit, credit or pre-paid card through a secure DIAS payment system page


Correction of consumer data

- Lease/ E9/ Consent form (authorization of the owner)

- ID/ Passport

- Telephone Number

- Mobile Telephone Number

-Address (Postal Code, Municipality)

- Delivery address

- Email

- Name

- V.A.T

- Correction of your data, either you are owner or tenant of a property
- Set the water supply meter as common
- Correction of your bill delivery address

– The transactional relationship between us
– Our legal obligation to provide you with the access and ability to correct your data

Login / User Registration to eEYDAP service

* User registration is carried out exclusively through redirection to the General Information Secretariat Systems (taxisnet), which sends the necessary information about you for the particular purpose

From taxisnet:

-Father's name
-Mother's name
-V.A.T. number
- Year of birth (to check the legal age limit)

From the user

-Mobile phone number
- e-mail address
-telephone number
-Water supply/supplies registration number/s

Identification of user/customer - service for the business

–  Consent to General Information Secretariat Systems (taxisnet)
– Contract
– Legal interest in the context of the transaction with the owner

Settlement of overdue debts

- Water Supply registration number
- ID / passport
- VAT number
- E–mail address
- Property status (tenant, owner)
- Data of authorized person
- E9 / property contract
- Lease
- Consent form (authorization of the owner)

Settlement of overdue debts

–The transactional relationship between us

Submission of request for extraordinary special tariff

- Beneficiary data Law 4389/2016:
- VAT number,
-AMKA (Social Security Number -DCC certificate (in disability case above of 67%)*

* The inclusion identification is implemented according to the data of IDIKA S.A.

Eligibility for granting an Extraordinary Special Tariff to those beneficiaries who have been subject to Law 4389/2016

–– The transactional relationship between us
– Your explicit consent
– The general public interest that EYDAP S.A. serves within the area of its operation


Submission of a report

-- The information you provide us in the "Message" field

- Name and Surname
- Father's name
- E–mail address
- Address
- Reference to a previous relevant reference
- Category
-Date of incident
- Relative files

Investigating incidents of unlawful or irregular conduct from a formal or anonymous complaint

-Your explicit consent
-Our legal obligation to investigate incidents

– The general public interest that EYDAP S.A. serves within the area of its operation

Sponsorship application

- Name of body
- Legal form
- D.O.Y.
- Field of activity
- The information you provide us with in the "Request description" field
- Start of project
-End of project
-Budget of the project
-Budget of the project
-Existence of other sponsors
- The information you provide us with in the "Background of the organisation" field
-Offsetting benefits ( print/ electronic/ social media)
- MediaPlan
- Contact person (name/ title/ phone/ email)

Evaluation of a sponsorship application

–Your explicit consent

– Our legitimate interest in the context of our sponsorship policy


Therefore, your personal data are under legitimate processing by EYDAP S.A. during the stage of their collection as well as during their processing, in accordance with the current provisions on the protection of personal data and in particular, in accordance with the provisions of the General
Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679.
2. How do we share the information we collect

By no means, EYDAP S.A. will not exploit your information and your personal data or pass it on to third parties, except in the cases where it is compulsory or allowed by the current legislation framework in force.

Specifically, the authorised staff by our Company, which is bound by secrecy and confidentiality clauses, has access to your data in order to ensure their confidentiality.

Per occasion, your personal data may be disclosed to third parties (natural or legal persons), however only when this is necessary for the fulfillment of the Company's contractual obligations and the provision of the agreed services to you and / or for the fulfillment of the Company's obligations, as derived from the applicable legal framework. Per occasion, your personal data may be disclosed only if deemed necessary to the competent supervisory, audit, independent, judicial, public and / or other authorities and bodies, within the context of the Company's legal obligations or the exercise of its legal claims.

Furthermore, in order to provide you with our services, we may share your personal data with certain third companies which act on our behalf (as those who implement the data processing) by providing us with services in order to ensure the provision of optimal services to you in the context of serving our transactional relationship. In particular, for the identification of your data for the purpose of issuing an extraordinary special invoice, EYDAP uses the services of IDIKA SA, while for the phone support and service of your requests, the company uses third companies to expedite the satisfaction of your request. EYDAP S.A. secures your personal data processing by third-party companies-partners through the existence of contractual clauses which restrict the purpose of processing and adhere to the GDPR 2016/679 technical and organisational measures for the proper and safe processing of your personal data. Both our company and our partners, who are subject to secrecy and confidentiality clauses, process your personal data in a fair and legitimate manner, for clear and defined purposes.

3. How we store and secure the information we collect - Data retention

The period of time during which we keep the information we collect from you depends on the type of information. The information that are considered as necessary for your registration when filling up the declaration such as the name, surname and email address, is retained throughout the duration of your registration and for as long as it is required by the nature of the service provided by the Company you have selected yourself, with the explicit reservation of their retention for as long as the relevant legislation is in effect. In every use, we make every possible effort to ensure the security of your information by having already taken all the necessary technical and organisational measures.

If necessary to comply with our legal or regulatory obligations, to resolve disputes or strengthen the terms and conditions of use, we are able to retain some of your data as required even if your account is closed or the need to provide services to you no longer exists.

In any case, your personal data are limited to what is absolutely necessary to achieve those purposes, are accurate and kept for a period of time that is determined by the processing purposes, are protected by adequate security measures and are not distributed to third countries, but only to authorised employees of the Company per Division/Function for the sole purpose of providing each service. They are transferred only to authorised people bound by confidentiality and secrecy and complying with the terms of the present Policy, who act on behalf of EYDAP S.A. for the stated purposes only.

4. What are your rights and how to access and check your information

In any case, you have the control over your personal data processing. In particular, under the new applicable legal framework regarding the personal data protection, the following rights of you are recognised and safeguarded:

  • The right to transparent information, announcement and arrangements for the exercise of your rights (Article 12, 13, 14 GDPR 2016/679), i.e. your right to know how your personal data is being used (as detailed in this Privacy Policy)
  • Right to access (Article 15 GDPR 2016/679) the personal data we have collected from you
  • Right to amendment (Article 16 of the GDPR 2016/679) of inaccurate personal information we have about you
  • Right to cancelation ("right to forgiveness") (Article 17 of the GDPR 2016/679) of the Member-User account and the information we have about you
  • Right to mitigate your personal data processing (Article 18 of the GDPR 2016/679)
  • Right to be against (Article 21 GDPR 2016/679) the processing of your personal data
  • The right to withdraw your already given consent (Article 7 of the GDPR 2016/679), i.e. withdraw your consent for data processing at any time. The legitimacy of processing your data is not affected by the withdrawal of consent until the time you requested the withdrawal.
  • The right to file a complaint to the competent supervisory authority, Privacy Policy Authority (1-3, Kifissias Avenue, Athens, 115 23, +30 210 6475600, contact@dpa.gr)

You have every right to exercise your rights by filling the Exercise of Rights Form  and sending it via email to the address dpo@eydap.gr or by sending it to the address 9 Ilision Str., Athens, 157 71. The Data Protection Officer-DPO named Mrs Marianna Almpoura, is the person in charge to answer, solve and clarify any question you might have. Please, accompany your relevant requests with the appropriate evidence of your identification, with the explicit reservation by EYDAP S.A. to request additional information to identify and confirm your details.

5. How do we transfer the information we collect internationally

The Company does not transfer your personal data either within the EU or abroad, in third countries or international organisations which do not secure an adequate level of protection (based on Decision of Adequacy or certificate of Privacy Shield). Any transfer follows and complies with the relevant directions of the current legislation framework in force, especially the articles 44 of GDPR 2016/679. In any case, users will be informed accordingly through the update of this privacy policy.

6. How do we keep your information secure

Driven by your privacy security, we apply best practices to safeguard your personal data through the implementation of the necessary technical and organisational measures determined by the applicable legislation framework in force. The data are secured from loss of availability, integrity and confidentiality of the information.

EYDAP S.A. makes every effort to fully meet the level of information assurance and complies with the dictated technical measures such as encryption, pseudonymisation, anonymisation and data minimisation throughout the data processing.

Lastly, we apply Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) with 128-bit strong encryption to ensure the confidentiality and inviolability of your transactions and personal information.

7. Policy of the company regarding the personal data of children

EYDAP S.A., having a sense of responsibility for children's sensitive age states that it will not process personal data from visitors / users of the website who are under the age of eighteen (18) without the prior consent of the person having parental responsibility of the minor.

It is noted that the processing of personal data is based on consent under the article 6 par. 1 f. a) GDPR 2016 / 679, in relation to the offer of services of the society of information directly to a child, the consent provided by the minor and therefore the processing is legal if the minor is at least 15 years old. In the case where the minor is under 15 years of age, this processing is legal only if and to the extent that such consent is provided or approved by the person who has the parental care of the minor (see Article 8 GDPR 2016 / 679 in combination with Article 21 Law 4624/2019).

8. Cookies

For information on the use of cookies on our website, please refer to the Cookies Policy .

9. Social Media Networks

Our Company uses the following social media pages:

Regarding certain processes, EYDAP S.A. and those responsible for the processing of platforms of the above social media networks, we work together as your Data Processors, as defined in the provision of Article 26 GDPR 2016/679.
Regarding the processing of your personal data by the Data Processors of the social media networks, we only have limited influence. Therefore, we act within the framework the capabilities we have and in accordance with the applicable personal data protection legislation.
The Data Processor of the social media networks, manages the overall information infrastructure of the respective service / platform and within the context of the current legal framework, it applies its own Privacy Policy, which you can refer to for further information:

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/privacy/explanation

Instagram https://help.instagram.com/519522125107875
Twitter https://twitter.com/en/privacy
YouTube https://www.youtube.com/yt/about/policies/
LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/legal/privacy-policy

EYDAP S.A. does not process for purposes other than your information and service (where applicable e.g. communication with us by us sending a message or posting a comment) the data that you provide when you log in and visit our social media pages. In these cases, the processing is carried out on the basis of the legal interest of EYDAP S.A., in the context of your service and issue resolution you submit to us.

10. Notification of the Data Protection Officer and User Rights Exercise

If you wish to exercise your rights (see paragraph 5 of this Statement) or be informed about your personal data processing, please contact our company by sending email to dpo@eydap.gr. The appointed Data Protection Officer-DPO is Marianna Almpoura who will answer to your questions or requests.

The Company reserves the right, upon consideration of your request, to proceed within one month or more of it, in case of justified delay, to its satisfaction, provided that it is lawful and valid. Before we provide you with personal data, we are likely to request proof of your identity and sufficient information about your transactions with us from which we can detect your personal data.

If you decide to unsubscribe from a service or communication means, we will try to delete your data as soon as possible, although we may need some time and / or information before we can process your request. The Company reserves the right to retain your personal data in cases where it has a legal obligation to do so or to exercise legal claims or to fulfill its contractual obligations.

11. Policy Update

EYDAP S.A. maintains unilaterally the right to update, modify or revise this policy and the terms of use of its website without prior notice to the user with the aim to improve its services, to ensure its harmonisation with the provisions of the existing legislation (national and EU) on the protection of personal data. Therefore, please check this Privacy Policy and declaration of confidentiality and personal data protection regularly to keep up-to-date on the changes that have been made.

Useful contact numbers:

a) Data Processing Manager
Address: 156 Oropou Str.
Telephone number: +30 210 2144444
E-mail: grammateia@eydap.gr


b) Data Protection Officer-DPO
Marianna Almpoura
E-mail: dpo@eydap.gr
Telephone number: +30 210 7495155 & +30 210 7495156 


c) Hellenic Data Protection Authority
Office address: 1-3 Kifissias Avenue, 115 23, Athens
Call Center: +30-210 6475600
Fax: +30-210 6475628
E-mail: contact@dpa.gr


Latest Update: August 2022

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