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By registering to e-EYDAP:

  • You acquire access to the bills of all your water supply meters, through one subscription
  • You are able to opt to receive an Electronic version of your Bill (ebill) and unsubscribe from receiving the printed one, if desired 
  • You are notified for your bills via email and/or SMS at no charge
  • You are notified in case of large consumption at any of your water supply meters via email and/or SMS, free of charge
  • You are informed for the alternative methods of payment and you pay your bills online, easily and securely.
  • You are informed about the consumption of your water supply meters
  • You are informed about your debts and any potential water supply interruptions derived thereof
  • You are able to correct the data regarding your water supply meters, in case of their modification
  • You have access to your previous bills, at any time
  • You can print or archive your bills online
  • You can submit your request for inclusion in the Extraordinary Special Invoice (ESI) and in other special invoices (charity, professional, families with many children, elders)
  • You monitor the progress of your requests
  • You can submit a request for a laboratory testing on your water supply meter.
  • You have access to the list of mails you have received from the Company

During the registration process, you will be asked to insert your taxis credentials in order to confirm your identity. Upon the completion of the process, you will automatically receive a confirmation email to the email address you will have entered. For more information or any issue you might encounter you can contact us at 1022@eydap.gr.