2011: “Business Awards Money Magazine -George Ouzounis"

In 2011 EYDAP under award "Business Awards Money-George Ouzounis" won second prize in the category of Best Public Company. For the choice a number of factors  were taken into account, such as the economic performance, the expansion of market shares, the Company's flexibility to changes in the external environment, the market trend, the relationship with investors and the degree of customer service. The award is recognition of the work and the modernizing efforts implemented by the Company in each level and certifies that the EYDAP is on track of sustainable development.

2010: Award for “Best Use of Technology in Customer Service”

The Greek Institute of Customer Service (EIEP) awarded in 2010 to EYDAP award in the category 'Best use of technology in customer service. "

EYDAP having developed a client driven service systems, has promoted the Regional Centers in the one-stop-shops, has upgraded the operation of the Business Operation Center and 1022 and allows customers to perform a multitude of transactions through its corporate website.

EYDAP customers may update their personal information and the recipient’s account, register a different delivery address, to pay their account through the 11 cooperating banks- even though they are overdue - to see previous consumptions, to receive sms and e-mail when the bill is issued or in case of unusually high consumption. Moreover, large customers can receive via telemetry daily information on the quantity of water consumed.