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Cybersecurity Awards 2024 Gold Award for EYDAP

The Infrastructure & Central Systems Service of the IT Infrastructure Directorate was awarded with the Gold Award (1st place) in the category of solutions related to security in CLOUD environment and with the Silver Award (2nd place) as Innovation in the Utilities sector, at the Cybersecurity Awards 2024, during the award ceremony held on February 8, 2024.

The awards were received by the Executive Director of Digital Governance, Ms E. Nestoridis, while the event was also attended by Mr P. Baxevanidis, Director of IT Infrastructure Division and Mr M. Gekas, Head of Infrastructure and Central Systems Department and Deputy Director of IT Infrastructure Division.

The awards are related to  the installation and configuration of special software to protect applications (such as on the Company's site) that operate via the Internet from malicious actions (Web Application Firewall), in cooperation with PYLONES HELLAS.

This award is another recognition of the special importance that EYDAP gives to security issues.




Two Awards for EYDAP from the CHRIMA Business Awards

EYDAP was awarded two prizes at the CHRIMA Business Awards, organized by the magazine CHRIMA in cooperation with ethosEVENTS and the financial and business portal banks.com.gr, aiming to highlight the companies that support the Greek economy and contribute to the development of the financial institution.

In particular, EYDAP was awarded the 2nd prize in the category Best Utility Company for 2023 and in the category Best Company Award of the ATHEX ESG-2023 Index.

For the category Best Company Award of the ATHEX ESG-2023 Index, the award was received by Ms M. Gamaletsou, Director of Communications and Corporate Affairs, while the award for the category Best Public Utility Company for 2023 was received by Ms S. Tzimopoulou, Deputy Director of Communication and Corporate Affairs, during the award ceremony held on Friday, February 9, 2024 at the Divani Caravel.

The CHRIMA Business Awards are recognized by the business and investment community as a renowned institution for the annual evaluation of companies listed on the Athens Stock Exchange and are held under the auspices of the Association of Listed Companies.




A Gold Award for the Internal Audit Division

The Internal Audit Department was awarded the GOLDEN BEE (Business Ethics Excellence) Gold Award by the Hellenic Business Ethics Institute (EBEN GR) at the 16th Awarding Ceremony "Responsible Management Excellence (RME) Awards 2023, ESG - CRITERIA FOR THE SUSTAINABILITY OF A COMPANY", which was held at the "KOSTIS PALAMAS" building of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, on October 17, 2023.

This particular award was achieved after an external evaluation process based on the accumulation of the prescribed score for the category, by fulfilling the defined criteria of the modules of the pan-European RME model based on the pillars of corporate governance and social responsibility.

The award ceremony was attended by important companies and organizations as well as postgraduate students who excelled in a competition of their theses.

The Hellenic Institute of Business Ethics - EBEN GR is a non-profit organization founded in Greece in 2005 and represents the European Business Ethics Network, the most active Business Ethics Network in Europe today. The purpose of EBEN's principles is to disseminate the kind of values-based management, leadership ethics and to increase awareness of companies' responsibility towards society.




EYDAP among the top 12 Future Ready companies in Greece

EYDAP was awarded 5th place in the Future Ready Business competition held this year for the first time and conducted by the Competitiveness Council of Greece-Compete GR and the Association of Public Limited Companies & Entrepreneurship, under the auspices of EVEA, EEDEGE and SEV.

The competition highlighted the list of 12 Greek companies that stood out among dozens of entries, for their readiness to face future challenges.

During a special event held on 6 July, the companies presented the relevant case studies and received targeted feedback on how to plan their strategy for the future, as well as a special "Future Ready" marking, at the end of the event, placing them in the group of 12 companies characterized by reliability, innovation and resilience.

The evaluation process was based on defined criteria and measurements with the aim of identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the companies in relation to their future perspective.

On the part of EYDAP, the Director of the Communication and Corporate Relations Department, Ms Margarita Gamaletsou, presented the roadmap that the Company has designed for the future, as well as the strategy it has developed on one of the six indicators it has chosen to compete: the Social Impact.

The 6 future-readiness indicators were: Sustainable Development, Social Impact, Adaptability, Orientation, Business Model Flexibility, Networking.

The Future Ready Business competition is now established as the valid benchmarking process for businesses to assess how ready they are to cope with future challenges and changes affecting the business world.





Silver Distinction for EYDAP in the CR Index Awards 2023

EYDAP was awarded with the SILVER distinction in the CR Index of the Corporate Responsibility Institute, and received the Special Distinction "Best in Progress" for the steps made in the areas of Sustainable Development and ESG.

In 2022, EYDAP, as a "pioneer" in the process of evaluating companies through the National CR Index, managed to receive the BRONZE award, as well as a special commendation for its environmental performance.

The CR Index is the first ESG Index in Greece, as it evaluates the performance of companies regarding society, environment, employees, corporate governance and the market, based on 100 international criteria that are currently prerequisites for the most important ESG indicators and standards.

The Award Ceremony took place on Thursday 22 June and the award was received by the Director of Communications and Corporate Affairs, Ms Margarita Gamaletsou.

Accepting the award, Ms Gamaletsou said: "Our Company's constant progress in integrating ESG objectives into its strategy is reflected in the collective work of all its people. We are committed to aim even higher!"

Considering, each time, the evaluation of the National CR Index, EYDAP is committed to an even higher distinction, systematically following the steps of Sustainable Development.




A Gold Award for EYDAP from the Global Water Summit 2023

EYDAP’s CEO, Mr. Harry Sahinis, in early May 2023, accepted the offer for EYDAP's participation in the Leading Utilities of the World network and received the "Golden Tap" award for the Company's performance in the field of Public Utilities services. The award represents the achievement of providing the highest level of utility service.

Leading Utilities of the World (LUOW) is a network of the world's most forward-thinking utilities, as defined by the 14 distinct innovation areas of the network. Its members represent the gold standard of water innovation and performance in the developed world.

Leading Utilities of the World is an initiative of the Global Water Leaders Group, a non-profit organization that aims to create a better story for water worldwide.

Its aim is to create a global network of the world's most successful and innovative water and wastewater companies that will help increase efficiency across the sector by recognizing achievements, providing a network for exchanging ideas and inspiring others to improve.




Two distinctions for EYDAP at the Green Brand Awards 2023

EYDAP received two awards at the Green Brand Awards 2023 Ceremony, an institution that, for the 3rd consecutive year, rewards excellence and innovation in products, services and development processes that promote the GREEN economy and Eco Living.

The Award Ceremony took place on Tuesday 21 March 2023, under the auspices of the Association of Graduate Environmentalists of Greece.

Business executives, representatives of institutions, universities, professionals and press representatives attended the ceremony, applauding the innovation and quality of the awarded nominations of companies that combine the appropriate conditions of sustainability and viability, offering sustainable technologies and practices, as well as products that are considered Green, Eco-friendly, Recyclable, Reusable, Zero Waste and Low Energy Consumption.

The Silver Award in the Green Energy Service category was awarded to EYDAP for a wide range of actions the Company implements with the aim of saving energy, such as reducing its carbon footprint (Net Zero), improving energy efficiency, saving through the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, the selection of materials and machinery with modern environmental standards (gradual replacement of part of the EVDAP fleet with electric vehicles), the use of renewable energy sources with PV stations and hydroelectric projects, the energy upgrade of buildings and facilities, etc.
The award was received by Antigoni Synodinou, Executive Director of Transformation.

On the same evening, EYDAP received the Bronze Award in the R&D for Green Service category for its innovative Sewer Mining technology that enables water reuse through the "mining" of wastewater directly from the sewerage network, on-site treatment and production of high quality water suitable for irrigation, groundwater enrichment. EYDAP is testing the Sewer Mining technology through European pilot projects such as DESSIN and NEXT-GEN (which have been completed) and IMPETUS (which is currently being implemented) with the National Technical University of Athens and other partners, such as Chemitec, the Municipality of Athens, the Municipality of Markopoulou, and with the support of the Ministry of Environment & Energy.
The award was received by the Director of Strategy & Innovation Mr. George Sachinis.



1st Performance Recovery Award for EYDAP from the CRIMA Business Awards

Another important first prize was awarded to EYDAP by the CRIMA Business Awards.

The 20th anniversary event of the institution was organised by the magazine CHRIMA in cooperation with ethosEVENTS and the financial and business portal banks.com.gr.

The Awards ceremony was held on Friday 10 February at the Divani Caravel Hotel, with a physical presence and a parallel online broadcast. The aim of the HRHMA Awards is to highlight companies that support the Greek economy and contribute to the development of the financial institution.

The CRIMA Business Awards are recognized by the business and investment community as a renowned institution for the annual evaluation of companies listed on the Athens Stock Exchange.

The 1st Results Recovery Award, awarded to EYDAP, was received by the Director of Financial Services, Ms. Lemonia Skylaki.

Ms Skylaki, on receiving the award, stated: “It is a great pleasure to receive this award on behalf of the entire Company and in particular on behalf of the Finance Division. This award demonstrates that EYDAP, firmly focused on its strategy of safety, efficiency and growth, proves its resilience and commitment to positive financial results even in times of significant challenges such as the one we are experiencing

The event was attended by the Deputy Directors of the Financial Services Division, Ms M. Petropoulou and Ms E. Kalokiri, the Head of Accounting Department, Ms D. Zarkadoula and the Head of Validation of Expenditure Department, Ms A. Zervoglou.




Αnother Gold Award for EYDAP's Internal Audit Department by EBEN GR (Greek Institute of Business Ethics Network)

EYDAP's Internal Audit Department has been awarded the Gold Award by the non-profit organization EBEN GR (Greek Institute of Business Ethics Network), the most active business ethics network in Europe, which has 18 member countries. EBEN GR was founded in 2005 and is recognized as the representative of the European concept of business ethics.

The 15th RESPONSIBLE MANAGEMENT EXCELLENCE AWARDS BY EBEN Award Ceremony, on the theme "EXCELLENCE- ETHICS - MERITOCRACY POST COVID-19 ERA", was held at the "Kostis Palamas" building, with great success.

For another year, companies, Organizations and Groups particularly active in the field of Social Responsibility and Business Ethics participated.

The presentation of the Organizations and the awarding of the BRONZE, SILVER, GOLD and OLYMPIC AWARDS, was held by Mrs. Gelina Karellas, Secretary General of EBEN GR, who referred to the significant added value that RESPONSIBLE MANAGEMENT EXCELLENCE provides to the Organizations of the Public and Private Sector that are certified, announcing the names of the Organizations.

The GOLD AWARD was received by the Internal Audit Director of EYDAP, Ms Marina Liakopoulou, who expressed her thanks for the honor of the award and wished that the values of EBEN would guide the business world and society at large.



You can watch the award ceremony here:



EYDAP ranked in the first tier

EYDAP has been ranked among the leaders of Greek entrepreneurship in terms of the level of transparency on Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) issues by the ESG Transparency Index survey, presented by Forbes, which reflects the level of transparency on ESG issues of the largest Greek companies.

EYDAP's ranking at the first, platinum tier of this major survey, proves once again that EYDAP, with its successful strategy and the contribution of all its employees from every position, is emerging as one of the pioneers of Greek business.
The aim of the survey was to assess the current situation of the 100 largest companies in Greece, based on turnover with a reference year of 2021, in terms of the level of transparency on ESG issues, based on specific sources of public references and specific criteria for ESG information disclosure.

Sustainability Reports , ESG and Annual Financial Reports and Board Management Reports were used as data collection sources, with 2021 as the reference year. The choice was made between the 200 largest companies in Greece, based on their turnover with the reference year 2021.

Companies were evaluated based on specific criteria, designed to cover all three pillars (E-S-G), taking into account ESG indicators of leading international and national non-financial standards (GRI, SASB, ATHEX ESG Guide, ESRS, TCFD).

In the first, platinum category, along with EYDAP, were companies that are pioneers in transparency and disclosure in terms of the three ESG pillars.



Gold Award for the Legal Services Department of EYDAP

The Legal Services Department of EYDAP was distinguished, at the Business Law Awards 2022, in the category ''In-House Public Sector & Procurement Team'', with a Gold Award, for its contribution, legal support and general assistance in the whole Company's operations, during the Award Ceremony held in January 2023.

The evaluation of the Legal Department was based on a number of criteria, mainly related to the extent to which the corporate strategy is reflected and supported by the Legal Department and its strategy, the management of partners, the relationship of the Legal Department with other Departments of the Company and the practices implemented for better and more effective communication; how the Legal Department has become an integral part of the Company's decision-making process and corporate strategy formulation; the particular challenges faced by the legal services team in the specific market sector and how they are effectively addressed; the effectiveness of the organizational structure, the size and management of the Legal Department; and finally the initiatives related to human resources management.

The Business Law Awards aim to highlight and reward innovation, quality, efficiency and excellence in the provision of legal services by law firms, law companies and in-house legal departments of commercial companies. The ultimate aim of the awards is to highlight the importance and contribution of the sector to economic growth and entrepreneurship.

The award was received by the Director of Legal Services, in the presence of the CEO, Harry Sachinis as well as members of the Legal Services Department of EYDAP.

Mr Moutzourides, receiving the award, said: "It is a great honor to receive this award today on behalf of the Legal Department of EYDAP. This award confirms the role of our Service and the challenges that companies like ours face. I thank the Management of our Company for their trust, and especially the people of my Department for their dedication, teamwork and professionalism, with our common goal of promoting the positions of EYDAP and its legal protection".




Environmental Awards 2022: two major awards for EYDAP

EYDAP was awarded the Gold Award in the Cultural Heritage category for its work at the Hadrian Aqueduct, through the European program Cultural HIDRANT, implemented under the coordination of the Municipality of Halandri, and the Silver Award in the Environmental CSR category for the Water Week 2022 as well as the water awareness campaign, which was held on the occasion of the World Water Day in March 2022, at the Environmental Awards 2022, held for the eighth consecutive year, on Wednesday 28 September 2022, at the Hellenic Foundation for Culture.

The awards highlight and reward good practices and initiatives for environmental protection and sustainability, as well as innovative "green" projects, technologies or programs.

During the Award Ceremony, which was held in the presence of business executives, members of the Jury Committee, representatives of the public sector and journalists, it was highlighted that, even in a year full of challenges, the transition to the new sustainable economic model of business development and environmental protection continued unabated, as this is equivalent to business profitability. EYDAP is taking rapid steps for its transformation in this direction and this double award underlines this once again.

The Cultural Heritage Award, which was awarded to the Hadrian Aqueduct and Cultural HIDRANT, was received by the Director of Strategy and Innovation, Georgios Sahinis, while the Environmental CSR Award, which was won by Water Week, was received by the Director of Communications and Corporate Affairs, Margarita Gamaletsou.

The ceremony was attended by the Deputy Mayor of Planning, e-Governance and Waste Management of the Municipality of Halandri, Konstantinos Gerolymatos, as well as the General Manager of Major Projects of EYDAP, Georgia Stefanakou.

Finally, the event was welcomed by Alexandra Sdoukou, Secretary General of Energy and Mineral Resources, who warmly congratulated the winners for the important actions and goals they achieve.




Award for the Legal Services Division of EYDAP, in the framework of the "Legal 500 GC Powerlist for Greece and Cyprus 2022"

The Legal Services Division of EYDAP received another honorary distinction this year, following its inclusion in the "GC Powerlist Greece and Cyprus Teams" since 2019.

The Director of Legal Services, Ioannis Moutzouridis, received, on Thursday 22 September 2022, at a reception held at the Stavros Niarchos Foundation's Cultural Centre, an award for EYDAP's inclusion in the "GC Powerlist Greece and Cyprus 2022".

The Legal 500 GC Powerlist" is an institution that recognizes and rewards the best in-house lawyers and legal teams for their effectiveness and adaptability in addressing and finding the best solutions to legal challenges they face within the organizations and businesses in which they operate. It aims to identify, on a global scale, the top in-house lawyers and legal departments based on criteria that are reviewed and updated annually in order to ensure that the resulting "recognition lists" reward innovative and impactful legal service delivery within the global in-house legal community. The survey is conducted annually with a detailed qualitative assessment of various factors, including the work carried out in the legal departments primarily in the last 12 months.

This year's award confirms that, in view of the demands of the times, the Legal Department of EYDAP has all the qualifications to meet the modern legal and real challenges and to assist the Company in achieving its strategic objectives.




Award for the Hadrian’s Aqueduct, from the 7th IAHR Europe Congress

The "Environmental Heritage Award" was awarded for the Hadrian’s Aqueduct, as an important and long-lasting hydraulic project, during the closing ceremony of the 7th IAHR European Conference, at the beginning of September 2022.

The conference entitled "Innovative Water Management in a Changing Climate" was held in Athens, under the auspices of the Ministry of Infrastructure & Transport, the Ministry of Environment & Energy, the Ministry of Climate Crisis & Civil Protection, the Region of Attica, the Municipality of Athens, the National Technical University of Athens, and with the golden sponsorship of EYDAP.

The honorary award was received by the Director of Strategy and Innovation of EYDAP, George Sachinis, who presented to the delegates the history of this wondrous Roman work, the cultural, natural and environmental value of the monument, the actions that EYDAP has implemented contributing to its promotion and exploitation and finally the long-term re-use plan with urban redevelopment along its length, construction of a non-drinking water network and transformation of its negative footprint into an absolutely positive one.

Efthimios Lytras, Deputy Director of Strategy and Innovation, who participated in the conference on behalf of EYDAP, through his presentation in the section "Research and innovation for sustainable hydro-environment projects" he made a retrospective of the evolution of the Athens Aqueduct until the modern era, incorporating different innovations over time.

The International Association for Hydro-Environment Engineering and Research (IAHR), founded in 1935, is a worldwide independent organization of engineers and water specialists working in fields related to hydro-environmental science and their practical application.

Activities range from river and marine hydraulics to water resources development and ecological hydraulics, to ice engineering, hydro-informatics and continuing education and training. IAHR stimulates and promotes both research and application and in doing so seeks to contribute to sustainable development and optimize the management of global water resources and industrial flow processes.




Award for EYDAP's Corporate Responsibility Report at the Hellenic Responsible Business Awards 

EYDAP received the bronze award at the Hellenic Responsible Business Awards for its Corporate Responsibility Report. The award ceremony took place on Wednesday 13 July 2022, at the Hellenic Cosmos Cultural Center, under the auspices of the Ministry of Development and Investment, the Ministry of Environment and Energy and SEV, as well as with broad institutional honorary support.

The Hellenic Responsible Business Awards, for the seventh consecutive year, awarded companies that promote the values of Responsible Business and invest in Sustainable Environmental and Social Development. Compiling the Report is a new challenge every year. The effort to reflect the actions and innovations in the way the Company manages the issues important for its Sustainability is a demanding process that requires the active participation of all organizational units, as well as the cultivation of a culture of sustainable development.

The preparation of the Corporate Responsibility Report is a task that is performed entirely internally. International standards are followed for the reporting of operations. In 2021, the Report was harmonized with the Athens Stock Exchange Guide, while EYDAP is the first public company to be in line with the SASB Standard and in particular with the substantive issues of the water sector.

EYDAP's strategy and objectives have always been oriented towards safeguarding the water resource, ensuring the water supply of the Capital with water of excellent quality at an affordable price and by collecting and returning it to the environment free of pollutant load at a rate of 95%.

This distinction confirms the long-standing importance of EYDAP for the Capital itself. This award therefore belongs to all the people of EYDAP who for years have been contributing to the achievement of these goals with their high level of expertise and experience.

The prizes awarded to the winners were created by the Brave Children of ELEPAP, on the theme of peace.



Superbrands Greece 2021-2022 Awards

EYDAP's brand was awarded as a super brand in the international institution of "Superbrands Greece 2021-2022", in the Energy - Recycling category. The award ceremony took place on Wednesday, December 1, at Megaron, the Athens Concert Hall.

Superbrands is an international organization founded in the United Kingdom in 1995, with the aim of promoting branding and rewarding the top brands of each country. Today it is represented in 91 countries around the world. In Greece, the competition has been held since 2005 and rewards corporate brands that differentiate themselves and stand out by having created a strong brand name and a distinctive mission in the category they operate in. The Corporate Superbrands 2021-2022 were selected after a vote by the Jury of the institution and a nationwide poll conducted by the research company MARC S.A. among a sample of 1,000 people aged 20-65 years old and after evaluating 1,500 companies operating in our country in 37 different categories.

This distinction confirms values that characterize EYDAP, such as reliability, consumer confidence, quality, holistic approach to water management, energy saving, reduction of carbon footprint, corporate social responsibility. EYDAP's CEO, Mr. Harry Sachinis said after the award ceremony: “It is a practical recognition of the successful efforts that we all make together at EYDAP, Management and Employees, towards the vision and strategic priorities of the company, which are, among others, the energy upgrade and reduction of the carbon footprint of our operations on the environment, the optimization of resource utilization through holistic management. With a focus on sustainable development, our priority is to protect the health of citizens and the environment. The seal of excellence and high satisfaction ratings we have garnered in surveys by independent agencies reflect the quality of our services and the trust of our citizens. We would like to thank the Jury and the public for this honor, which for us implies a responsibility for continuous improvement and excellence.




CHRIMA Business Awards 2019

EYDAP S.A. was awarded the 1st BEST PUBLIC COMPANY AWARD at the 17th Chrima Business Awards 2019, organized by EthosEvents, a member of the EthosGroup. For the 17th consecutive year, the readers of the historical financial-investment magazine CHRIMA, as well as the visitors of the business-economic portal, banks.com.gr, highlighted and rewarded the companies that contribute to the development of the Greek economy, employment and the Greek capital market. 




Responsible Management Excellence Awards του EBEN GR 2019

EYDAP's Internal Audit Department received the Gold Award at the EBENGR's Responsible Management Excellence Awards event, for its outstanding performance in the principles of business ethics and the responsible management model it follows.   



Distinction for EYDAP's Legal Services by LEGAL 500

The Legal Services Department of EYDAP S.A. was evaluated by the independent body LEGAL 500 and was included in the list (GCPOWERLIST) with the best legal departments of Greece and Cyprus for 2019 in the infrastructure sector. This distinction is awarded to those legal departments that truly promote and signify corporate legal support.


Impact Business IT Excellence Awards 2019
Three awards were given to EYDAP's Administrative Digital Information Division at the Impact Business IT Excellence Awards 2019 ceremony held on 28 May 2019.
Specifically, the Company's Digital Administrative Information Division received a gold award in the category "Continuous Business Improvement" for the Administrative Modernization project, a silver award in the category "Systems Integration" and a bronze award in the category "BigData" for the Digital Data Governance project.
EYDAP is continuously investing in its development strategy and modernization of its operations, prioritizing Digital Transformation.




Hrima Business Awards 2018
EYDAP S.A. won the 2nd Business Award in the category "Best Public Company Award" at the "Hrima Business Awards 2018" event, organized for the 16th consecutive year by the magazine Hrima, the business and financial portal banks.com.gr and Ethos Awards, in order to highlight and award companies that contribute to the development of the Greek economy, employment and the Greek capital market in general.
The award was received by the Chairman of the Board of Directors of EYDAP S.A., Mr Konstantinos Papadopoulos, who said: "EYDAP, one of the largest water supply and sanitation companies in Europe, continues to evolve and grow, taking into account its large share of responsibility for society and the environment. Its success is based on the fact that it provides excellent quality, cost-effective water, while ensuring that wastewater is collected and returned to the natural environment in such a way as to ensure that its activities leave a minimal and constantly decreasing environmental footprint. We invest in new technologies and in research and development, and are committed to continuously improving customer service."



International Business Excellence Certification "EFQM Committed to Excellence 2 Star"
EYDAP is the first public sector company to be awarded the high distinction "Committed to Excellence - 2 Star" by the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM).
The EFQM Excellence Model is based on a set of European values and is a practical, non-restrictive framework that assesses organizations on their path to business excellence.
International certification - Commitment to Business Excellence "EFQM-Committed to Excellence" was also awarded to the Company's Digital Information Management Division.


Environmental Awards 2018
EYDAP's contribution to environmental protection and sustainability was honoured with two gold awards at the Environmental Awards 2018.
The Company won the first gold award in the category Water Stewardship/Water Management and Conservation / Wastewater Management with the project Innovative process for the recovery of phosphorus and nitrogen from Wastewater Treatment Plant effluent in the framework of the European research project ''SMART-Plant''.  “SMART-PLANT” aims to create and implement innovative solutions in the wastewater treatment process, which will achieve the required quality of the treated wastewater, with simultaneous recovery of materials (nitrogen, phosphorus and biodegradable organic material) and energy (biogas).


The Company won the second gold award, which is for the Company's long-standing contribution to environmental education and awareness of the water cycle among children.  The Company was distinguished in the Environmental Leadership category with the Environmental Education Program "Stagonouli’s journey" in which more than 15,000 children have participated annually for the last 30 years.


Responsible Management Excellence Awards by EBEN GR 2018
EYDAP, is the first and only Public Company to be awarded by EBEN GR. EYDAP's Internal Audit Department was awarded the Silver Award at the 11th EBEN GR Responsible Management Excellence Awards event, for business ethics, social responsibility and corporate governance.
The Internal Audit Division was evaluated based on the EBEN RME Model which includes specific evaluation criteria in the areas of business ethics and corporate responsibility and received a special certification after successfully documenting their fulfillment.



Impact Bite Awards 2017
The first prize for the original implementation of the Management by Objectives system was awarded to EYDAP at the Business IT Excellence (BITE) Awards 2017. This is a project to monitor the execution of the objectives of all the Company's organizational units and, consequently, to modernize and simplify the Company's organizational processes.





Hrima Business Awards - Georgios Ouzounis 2017
EYDAP won the 2nd Business Award in the category "Best Public Company Award" at the "Hrima Business Awards" event, organized for the 15th consecutive year by ETHOS MEDIA and the investment and financial magazine HRIMA.




European Benchmarking Cooperation (EBC) -  MALTA  2017
The European Benchmarking Cooperation (EBC) is an association of European water and sanitation companies. It was established in 2004 with the aim of creating a single platform for the comparison of the operational performance of water and sanitation companies and its objective is the establishment of objective indicators of operational performance, as well as the exchange of know-how and best practices in order to improve the quality of services offered, reduce operating costs and operate more efficiently the water and sanitation companies of Europe.
43 companies from 17 European countries participate in the EBC Association and EYDAP is the only Greek member.
At this year's EBC Conference, held in Malta (9-11/11/2017), the EYDAP team was awarded as Benchmarking Coordinator of the Year.






Hrima Business Awards - Georgios Ouzounis 2016
EYDAP won the 1st Business Award in the category "Best Public Company Award" at the "Hrima Business Awards" event organized for the 14th consecutive year by ETHOS MEDIA S.A. and the investment and financial magazine HRIMA.



European Business Awards for the Environment - Greek Business Awards for the Environment

EYDAP won important distinctions during the 6th ceremony of the "European Business Awards for the Environment" and the "Hellenic Awards for the Environment". The Company was distinguished in two award categories: the Product and Services Category and the Biodiversity Category.

The object of the Company's award is an innovative wastewater treatment plant using small membrane systems - MBR reactor and reverse osmosis - in order to reuse the effluent water for irrigation, mainly in urban areas.

The plant combines the application of integrated wastewater treatment systems and modern information systems for remote operation and monitoring, while the purity level of the produced water reaches 98%.  In this way, a reduction in the demand for water from the network or from the aquifers of the region is achieved, while preserving existing supplies.


Hrima Business Awards - Georgios Ouzounis 2015

The 2nd Business Award in the category "BEST PUBLIC COMPANY AWARD" was awarded to EYDAP, at the 13th ceremony of the business awards "HRIMA - Georgios Ouzounis 2015".




Cyta Mobile Excellence Awards 2015

Το BRONZE Βραβείο για Mobile Utilities στην ενότητα «Mobile Εφαρμογές στους Κλάδους των Υπηρεσιών» απέσπασε η κινητή εφαρμογή EydApp στην 1η τελετή απονομής των Cyta Mobile Excellence Awards 2015, αποδεικνύοντας το υψηλό επίπεδο των παρεχομένων ηλεκτρονικών της υπηρεσιών.





Greek Graphic Design & Illustration Awards - EBGE 2015

"MERIT" praise was awarded for the website of the mobile application EydApp www.eydapp.com, in the section "Digital Applications" for the category "Promotional Websites".



The Protagonists of the Greek Economy

EYDAP was awarded at the event "The Protagonists of the Greek Economy", organized by Direction Business Network with the:



HRIMA Business Awards - Georgios Ouzounis 2014

The 2nd Business Award in the category "BEST PUBLIC COMPANY AWARD" was awarded to EYDAP, at the 12th ceremony of the business awards "HRIMA - Georgios Ouzounis 2014".


HRIMA Business Awards - Georgios Ouzounis 2013

The 3rd Business Award in the category "BEST PUBLIC COMPANY AWARD" was awarded to EYDAP, at the 11th ceremony of the business awards "HRIMA - Georgios Ouzounis 2013".


Energy-Biomass Award - Water Stewardship Award - DEI Environmental Awards - 2013
EYDAP was awarded at the DEI Environmental Awards 2013 Ceremony for its best practices for the protection of the Environment and Sustainability. It won awards in the Energy sections for the Energy-Biomass category and Water Stewardship for the Water Stewardship-Wastewater Treatment, Water Stewardship-Water Efficiency, Water Stewardship Grand Award.

2011: “Business Awards Money Magazine -George Ouzounis"

In 2011 EYDAP under award "Business Awards Money-George Ouzounis" won second prize in the category of Best Public Company. For the choice a number of factors  were taken into account, such as the economic performance, the expansion of market shares, the Company's flexibility to changes in the external environment, the market trend, the relationship with investors and the degree of customer service. The award is recognition of the work and the modernizing efforts implemented by the Company in each level and certifies that the EYDAP is on track of sustainable development.


2010: Award for “Best Use of Technology in Customer Service”

The Greek Institute of Customer Service (EIEP) awarded in 2010 to EYDAP award in the category 'Best use of technology in customer service. "

EYDAP having developed a client driven service systems, has promoted the Regional Centers in the one-stop-shops, has upgraded the operation of the Business Operation Center and 1022 and allows customers to perform a multitude of transactions through its corporate website.

EYDAP customers may update their personal information and the recipient’s account, register a different delivery address, to pay their account through the 11 cooperating banks- even though they are overdue - to see previous consumptions, to receive sms and e-mail when the bill is issued or in case of unusually high consumption. Moreover, large customers can receive via telemetry daily information on the quantity of water consumed.


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