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EYDAP S.A. informs the investment community that the Company’s Extraordinary Annual Shareholders’ Meeting was held on Friday 27th of December 2013, at 11.00 a.m. in central hotel of Athens.

Present at the Company’s General Meeting were 49 Shareholders (in person or by proxy) representing a total of 83,457,838 shares and voting rights, i.e.  78.36% of the Company’s paid up share capital.

The General Meeting approved unconditionally by majority, the stipulated in No Δ6/2476 Joint Ministerial Decision (J.M.D.) (GG B’ 3065/03.12.2013), as it was finally reissued due to a mistake, amounts, regarding the determination of their respective claims between the Greek State and EYDAP S.A. and specifically:

A) Overdue debts of the Greek State to EYDAP from infrastructure works, water supply construction works on behalf of Public Entity, construction and maintenance of flood protection works etc, up to 30/06/2013, amounting to 113,199,696.12 euro, plus VAT amounting to 26,035,930.11 euro, plus amount of 1,935,021.25 euro (VAT included) and

B) Non-tax liabilities of EYDAP S.A. towards the Greek State, for the time period from 25/10/2004 to 30/6/2013, consisting of the price of raw water supplied to EYDAP S.A. from the Greek State for the same period and the other claims from both sides that arise from the contract of 09/12/1999, between the Greek State and EYDAP that are written off.

The Shareholders accepted unconditionally by majority, what the aforementioned J.M.D. determines, by 96.44% of the attendees, and decided their waiver from any other claim and appeal that the article 45 L. 4179/2013 (GG A’ 175/08-08-2013) determines.


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