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EYDAP S.A. announces that, pursuant to the resolution of the BoD, no 18275/2014, which amended the resolution of the BoD, no 18237/2013, the Private Settlement Agreement from 12/16/2013, which has never been applied, was repealed, (see previous corporate announcement from 17/12/2013) and a new Private Settlement Agreement was signed on 16/01/2014, according to which, the pending for several years categories of civil actions brought by employees and retired employees – about 2,500 cases - for which favorable decisions have been issued, many of which have become final and irrevocable, amounting to euro 134 mn, finally reconciled to the amount of euro 64 mn.

This agreement is not expected to have substantial impact on the Company’s equity and financial statements, as the adequate provisions that the Company had formed for this purpose until 31/12/2013 will be used.


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