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Within the frame of information to the investment community and following the corporate announcement of March 29th 2013, EYDAP announces that a Joint Ministerial Decision (JMD) of the Ministers of Finance, Infrastructure, Transport and Networks and  Environment , Energy and Climate Change, was published in the Government Gazette B' no 3188/16-12-2013,  which decides the adjustment of the Water Supply and Sewerage tariff of the Company, as referred to in this JMD.

This adjustment provides reductions for most consumption categories. The decrease for the average consumer (30 m3/quarterly) is 1.6%.

In more details:

(Monthly Consumption) 

a) For the 1st billing scale (0 - 5 m3 consumption per month) the price of 0.4138 euro/m3 is shaped at 0.35 euro /m3, decreased by 15.4%. 
b) For the 2nd billing scale (5 - 20 m3) the price of 0.6471 euro /m3 is shaped at 0.64 euro /m3 decreased by 1.1%.
c) For the 3rd billing scale (20 - 27 m3) the price of 1.8566 euro /m3 is shaped at 1.83 euro /m3, decreased by 1.4%. 
d) For the 4th billing scale (27-35 m3) the price of 2.5992 euro /m3 is shaped at 2.56 euro /m3, decreased by 1.5%. 
e) For the 5th billing scale (above 35 m3) the price of 3.2357 euro /m3 is shaped at 3.20 euro /m3, reduced by 1.1%  

Exception for the large and with many children families: For families with 3 or more children the price is formed at 0.35 euro/m3 as long as the monthly consumption does not exceed 15 m3 for a five membered family or 12 m3 for a four membered family (with one parent) and for the larger families the upper limit is increased by 3 m3 per child beyond the third. If the consumption overcomes the limit, the exception will not be applied.

EYDAP's fixed fee is to be determined to 1.00 euro / month: 3.00 euro / quarter (plus 23% VAT), as this cost is associated with the infrastructure and readiness of the company to provide uninterrupted services to its consumers.


Both scales of industrial category (for monthly consumption) are shaped from 0.8381 euro /m3 and 0.9866 euro /m3, to 0.83 euro /m3 up to 1,000 m3 and 0.98 euro /m3 for more than 1,000 m3 respectively, therefore reduced by 1% and 0.7%.  
The fixed fee for the industrial category varies from 4.5 euro/month to 35 euro/month as it depends on the water meter.


This rate decreases from 0.9972 euro /m3 to 0.98 euro /m3, regardless the consumption, reaching a reduction of 1.72%.


The charity category, is formed from 0.2864 euro /m3 to 0.23 euro /m3, regardless the consumption, decreased by 20%. Furthermore, it is suggested to extend the charity rate to include institutions hosting children, the unfortunate ones as well as the elderly, on a permanent basis. The institutions to be benefited by the charity rate will be defined by Resolution of the Board of Directors of EYDAP.       


The rate for supplying aquifers ships (professional) from 2.4401 euro /m3 is shaped at 2.40 euro /m3, reduced by 1.64%.   


The water rate is shaped at 0.4880 euro /m3, regardless the consumption, (same applies for the municipalities of Attica area).

The following discounts on the sewerage percentage, apply on specific estate categories: a) 50% discount for ice-making, beverage, papermaking and artificial silk industries and for meters used in construction works. B) 30% discount for meters that supply houses with gardens or garden above 200 m2.

The other categories of fire facilities at property and raw water remain unchanged.

The JMD came into effect from the date of its publication in the Government Gazette, i.e. from 16 December 2013.


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